[INTERVIEW] SHAUN Discusses Sundown Festival Gig, Working With aespa & Singapore Food

Korean DJ, singer-songwriter, producer, SHAUN was in Singapore for the 12th edition of Sundown Festival and met up with us the day after for a quick interview.

SHAUN, who is known for his smash hits like ‘Way Back Home’ (2018), ‘Bad Habits/습관’ (2019) and ‘Steal The Show’ (2023), performed on day two of the festival. This was his first time performing here under the name ‘SHAUN’, his first visit being almost a decade ago.

On Sundown Festival Performance

When asked about how he felt performing at Sundown Festival the night before, SHAUN mentioned that he loved the energy from the audience and was very surprised by how everyone loved his stage, especially his singing. Even though the lyrics to his song ‘Way Back Home’ is in Korean, he was very moved when everyone sang along. As his stage this time was mainly a DJ set, if he has the opportunity, he hopes that he would be able to show his full band live set to the Singaporean fans in the future.

SHAUN’s Involvement With K-Pop Acts

The multitalented artist was also recently involved in SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa’s Tokyo Dome concert. Although he hasn’t worked with the girl group personally, he got to work on a lot of K-Pop concerts due to Shim Jae Won, an SM concert director that he is very thankful to. This time, SHAUN worked on some videos, live edits and song arrangements for the aespa concert, which is in comparison a little less than his involvement in previous EXO and Red Velvet concerts. However, the biggest thing to him was watching aespa performing the tracks that he worked on on the huge Tokyo Dome stage. This was such a symbolic and meaningful thing that he was proud of, he thought it was a pretty cool experience.

Why Shaunthehuman?

On to more lighthearted topics, the singer also spilled about how he came up with his Instagram handle ‘Shaunthehuman’. Initially, he came up with his Instagram handle without any particular reference or intention but found out about the animation ‘Shaun the Sheep’ after. SHAUN ended up liking the animation and decided to keep up the relation between the two (we believe his Instagram profile picture is a hand drawn sheep, we think…).

SHAUN Performing at Sundown Festival 2023

On Singapore Food

SHAUN also cheekily shared that besides the performance at Sundown Festival during this Singapore trip, he was also looking forward to having chilli and butter crabs for dinner that night. “This is my second time here and I can’t believe that I haven’t tried chilli crab before. So tonight’s the night!” he laughed, “Last night I tried chicken rice and it was really good.”

SHAUN’s Song Recommendation & Message to Singapore Fans

Rounding off the interview, he recommended a song of his that he wished more people would check out, a song that goes really well with the ocean breeze and palm trees named ‘Closed Ending’. SHAUN also declared that, “It is a little less known than ‘Way Back Home’, but if you loved ‘Way Back Home’, you would also like the style and resonate with the vibe of ‘Closed Ending’.”

Finally, SHAUN also expressed that the performance in Singapore meant a lot to him and gave him inspiration, “Thanks for having me in this amazing and beautiful city, this is my second time here and it’s still so beautiful. I would love to come back with good music and good shows in the future!”

We look forward to SHAUN’s future releases and performances!

KAvenyou would like to thank RELE APAC for the opportunity to interview SHAUN. Catch him again back in Singapore for Music Matters Live, where he will be performing at the Warner Music Presents showcase at The Ground Theatre, *SCAPE in Singapore on 12th September.

Article & Photography: Angeline @ KAvenyou

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