SF9 gift fans with a sensational night in Paris

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SF9 in Paris, May 2019

SF9 (which stands for Sensational Feeling 9) are currently touring the world with the concert promoter MyMusicTaste and performed in Paris.

SF9 debuted in 2016 with Fanfare – a strong track that already let the fans see the mature concept of the group and catchy songs.

The group has numerous tracks that display a fresh image, such as O Sole Mio or Mama Mia. But they also have a sexy image thanks to songs like Now or Never, Easy Love or Enough. A versatility that is the group’s strong point and that also shone through covers.

SF9 gift fans with a sensational night in Paris

Covers were solely used for the members’ solo stages. The members mostly chose songs in english, such as “Versace On The Floor”, “See You Again” or “Nothing Like Us”. Singing other artists’ songs are quite a difficult task, even more so when all of the fans have the original version in mind.

Yet, all of the covers were beautifully performed, showing the unlimited skills and talent of the members. Whether it is singing, dancing or rapping, each solo or sub-unit performance amazed fans who couldn’t decide which one was their favorite.

SF9 gift fans with a sensational night in Paris

The group clearly made efforts learning french – from sentences learned to make the fans swoon (“Vous êtes trop belles” meaning You’re too beautiful, said by Inseong) to being able to count to three in french or mentionning french soccer players.

And since in a relationship efforts have to be made on both sides, the fans also had to speak some korean words. A loud “Gajima” (Don’t go) could be heard when the members mentionned the end of the concert was near, making the group laugh.

SF9 gift fans with a sensational night in Paris

But a concert never really ends when the group first says so… Encore are a must, and fans demanded the group to come back. Which they did, performing a few last songs all while giving fan-service. Hearts, smiles, and even a french flag signed by the members, who in exchange received a french flag signed by the fans.

SF9 gift fans with a sensational night in Paris

It was pretty clear the members wanted to make this concert an enjoyable experience for fans, and wanted to thank fans for their support. Noticeably, several members (Zuho, Inseong and Hwiyoung) couldn’t even wait for the concert to meet fans. They went out of the venue and walked down the street to wave at fans while everyone was waiting to enter the venue.

Considering what an unusual move it is, it was no surprise to see that the members’ appreciation towards fans continued the whole concert. It was not on a Sunday, but just like in the song Photograph, SF9 and Fantasies met up and it was heart-fluttering.

SF9 gift fans with a sensational night in Paris

We’d like to thank MyMusicTaste for having is at SF9 concert in Paris. Don’t forget to ask for concerts from your favorite artists on MyMusicTaste.

Article : Céline / Pictures : Soizic Cistac

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