Seoul Webfest : Seoul will celebrate web content this August

Seoul Webfest
Seoul Webfest is casting light on the korean webdramas industry

In 2022, after more than 2 years of a pandemic, web content is stronger and more popular than ever. When it comes to series, we went from “offline content available online” to “series created for web diffusion only”. So it makes perfect sense that the Seoul Webfest, created in 2015, keeps growing more and more.

In Korea, while web-dramas first were a good platform for rookie actors to gain experience, the series now cast actors that any TV channel would fight for. It also lets less conventional content to reach an audience that was previously hard to attain. This content is not only popular in Korea, where commuters enjoy watching from their smartphone. It is also increasingly popular internationally, becoming one of the pillars of the Hallyu wave.

Seoul Webfest 2022 will give creators the opportunity to share their content internationally. They will get to meet and enjoy their time together. They will gather for a gala red carpet event, screenings, and panels to celebrate the return of the event from August, 18th to 20th. The awards ceremony will include prizes for about 30 categories. It will reward the best among 191 dramas and movies.

Among the nominees, there are several webdramas and quite a few K-Pop idols who became successful actors. MJ and Moonbin from Astro (Find Me If You Can), Bae Jinyoung from CIX (User Not Found), Inseong from SF9 and Dal Shabet’s Bae Woohee (Two Different Moojoo) are some exemples.

Find more information about Seoul Webfest 2022 and the nominees here.

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