[SEOUL EVENT] Seoul International Drama Awards 2018 – more international than ever

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MCs for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2018
SNSD’s Sooyoung and Jun Hyun Moo are expected to MC the Seoul International Drama Awards

The Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) 2018 get ready for the 13th edition of the ceremony, on September, 3rd.

With a South Korean industry that produces dozens of hit series every year, Seoul is a hot place for drama lovers. The biggest South Korean drama actors have a career that compete with those of the biggest movie stars. So it is no surprise to know the Seoul International Drama Awards are a major event for the TV series industry worldwide. 

Every year, several dozens of countries submit about 250 entries. This year, 56 countries have submitted 268 entries. This makes the 13th edition the most competitive year since the first ceremony in 2006.  A total of 28 TV dramas have made it to the list of finalists. 

When looking at the list of previous award-winning series, the SDA have also come from selecting dramas that become successful : This Is Us (USA), Nodame Cantabile (Japan), Grand Hotel (Spain), Elementary (USA) and more.

Besides the structure of the series, the panel also focuses a lot on the storytelling. According to the SDA, a drama must overcome the barriers of culture. As we can read on the event’s website, we cry watching the story of a young child in Sri Lanka. We applaud watching American crime series and we admire the large scale of Chinese TV series. Regardless of genre or ethnicity, the chairman of the SDA organizing committee, Par Jong Heon, hope that viewers can share sympathy.

So watch the SDA 2018 on September 4th through SBS to find out who gathered all the requested criteria to win. A sure answer is Solitary Gourmet (Japan). It already won The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year and actor Yutaka Matsushige will atend the ceremony.

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