KIM SEJEONG Opens ‘The 門’ to SG Sesang’s Hearts

Last Friday, 27 October, KIM SEJEONG opened the doors to Singapore Sesang’s hearts at The Theatre at Mediacorp! Throughout the entire concert, SEJEONG melted the ears of the audience and won the hearts of new fans.

SEJEONG made her entrance in a beautiful white dress as she charmed the crowd with her opening song, Whale. With her bountiful laughter and song explanations, she maintained bright smiles and continuous vocals.

As a first-time concert attender of SEJEONG’s, I was impressed at multiple moments!

Firstly, SEJEONG’s vocals – though small in frame, she blew the roof off with how powerful her voice is. At multiple song climaxes, she belts the highest notes and receives the loudest cheers – I find myself cheering alongside with them! Such a powerhouse, it’s a no-brainer why she’s known for her voice.

Secondly, the concert visuals for each song matched perfectly. While the stage set ups were simple, in fact there were barely any stage props, each set was mesmerizing and elevated the song experience for the fans.

Thirdly, SEJEONG’S truly the princess of concert engagements. As we know at concerts, there are multiple moments where artistes need to run off for clothes change or whatever the reasons. At each segment of mic changes and clothes change, SEJEONG did not leave the fans idle! There were interaction videos for fans to listen to, she speaks to them from the backstage, and her cute stage dash-offs brought smiles to fans. 

During the encore, I was taken aback when SEJEONG started taking Sesang’s song requests. As an avid concert goer myself, for both Korean acts and Western acts, never have I seen artistes take song requests from fans – it felt refreshing to see a new approach of fan engagements. SEJEONG’S vocals really shone here when she sang Never Enough, Let It Go and Pick Me, without any backing vocals.

Through the show, I could feel the pride Sesangs felt towards SEJEONG. From her Produce 101 days to being a soloist, she’s grown exponentially to a multi-faceted artiste who’s adept in all areas. 

Being at The 門 was a great way to end the week, she brought smiles to many with her bubbly personality and I had a wonderful time immersing myself in her world. I can’t wait to see her future endeavors, and look forward to the next time she’s in Singapore!

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