Running Man talks about their favourite episodes & rollercoasters in Singapore press conference #RaceStartSG


29 November 2014, Singapore – Members of the popular variety show, Running Man returned in Singapore once again after a year for Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Singapore Fan Meeting. This time round, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, HaHa, Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo are back after the successful run of the first season last year. It was revealed during the press conference that Singapore, also the last stop for Race Start Season 2, will be expecting something different as compared to the fan meetings in other countries.

Singapore indeed left an impression on the Running Man members as they shared their impressions and thoughts about the country. The members agreed that Singapore is a beautiful city with clean streets, delicious food and nice people. Kwang Soo added that the fans here were very enthusiastic and also thanked the hotel staff for being very kind. As Ji Hyo had arrived in Singapore a day earlier, she took the opportunity to visit S.E.A. Aquarium, and hoped to visit the Night Safari as well. Kwang Soo brought up his trip to Universal Studios Singapore on his previous visit and the Transformers ride is his favourite attraction!


As Kwang Soo has recently received an Excellence Award at the 7th Korea Drama Awards for his role in the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love, the other members were asked if there was any difference in their treatment towards him. Jong Kook joked that Kwang Soo has become more cocky, and that his number of stylists have increased ever since, as Ji Hyo and HaHa pretended to serve Kwang Soo and he played along. Jong Kook immediately added that he was just kidding and Kwang Soo is a very humble person, and he will inform everyone first-hand if Kwang Soo’s attitude ever changes.

The Running Man members were also asked about their appearance in the China’s version of Running Man. Although it was awkward initially, but the members warmed up and had a great time guiding the China side and filming with them. Kwang Soo added on and cheekily shouted, “Angelababy so beautiful!”


Having filmed Running Man together for four years, the members definitely must have memorable episodes and incidents that have happened to them. For HaHa, it was the first episode, as it marked a big step for them and it also brought back many memories every time they think back about it. For Kwang Soo, it was Vietnam as he first earned his Asia Prince nickname from there after receiving plenty of love from overseas fans. Ji Hyo’s favourite episodes were the ones when only the Running Man members were on, as they were able to display their bond as a team. As for Jong Kook, it is really hard for him to pick one as every episode is memorable to him. For Suk Jin, it was the episode where Jackie Chan appeared on, as he was their childhood idol and he really appreciated the top star taking out some time to film Running Man with them.


Not long ago, some Running Man members had to go to Taiwan to take a scary rollercoaster ride as their punishment – where Kwang Soo and HaHa were visibly the most scared ones out of everybody. When asked about their experience from taking that ride, not once but twice, HaHa answered that it was his scariest experience in his life and he does not want to ever do it again. Kwang Soo continued, saying that although the rollercoaster was definitely scary, but there is something even scarier that he has to face on a weekly basis – Kim Jong Kook! HaHa agreed and added that if Jong Kook was to ride the rollercoaster, he would definitely be able to beat it!


The press conference came to an end as the members gathered for a photocall. Throughout the press conference, the members showed their bond even when not filming and their witty sides as well, when answering questions.

KAvenyou would like to thank ONE for the invitation to cover Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Singapore.

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