The Rose and Black Roses are sweet like Candy in Paris

This November 2018, The Rose are touring Europe for the second time in less than a year with their Paint It Rose Tour – 2nd Coloring.

The Rose's lightstick

The first coloring happened just a few months ago. Even then, European Black Roses were eager to see the band again. They made a second coloring happen through MyMusicTaste, the platform that lets you request your favorite artists wherever you are. The Paris concert happened on November 25th at Le Bataclan. 

Rather than painting the venue Rose (rose means pink in french), they painted red through the lightsticks that represent the group’s logo.

If the concert started with “I don’t know you”, sure enough the audience knew The Rose and the lyrics to songs like Sorry, Candy, I.L.Y, OMG or Take Me Down. The member seemed impressed at fans singing along with them. 

As The Rose is still a pretty rookie group (they debuted in 2017), the setlist also included a few covers. Those were a good opportunity for The Rose to show an other side of them, such as with Bae Bae (Big Bang). The perfect opportunity for the member to get wild and playful and display their friendship. The cover of Yellow (Coldplay) showcased the band’s sensibility and harmony as well as their stable voices. A beautiful moment hung in the air.

Sammy in Paris

Even though the group is undeniably talented, what shone through the performances was the sweet affection The Rose and Black Roses have for each others. 
As it is usually the case for any concert, Black Roses (the fandom’s name) had planned a few events such as a banner or blue lights to represent rain drops during “She’s In The Rain”. The most successful event probably was the choreography created by fans during “Candy”. It was a simple but very sweet choreo that aimed at illustrating the song’s lyrics. 

The members even learned it and made it twice during their V-Live later in the evening. They also asked fans at other stops to do it. If you’re a Black Rose attending a concert in the future, you’ve got some homework to do ! 

The sweetness was on both sides though. During the concert, The Rose said they are happy to perform for fans who appreciate their music as much as they themselves do. Then they went on to explain how their happiness was linked with their fans’ happiness. Sammy said that when Black Roses are sad, then The Rose are sad to. If fans are happy, then the group is happy too. 

It is a pretty rare sight to see a group being so open about their feelings, directly in front of the fans. Most groups proclaim their love for their fans. But only a few are so open about the type of relationship they have with the fans. 
Besides, The Rose have two key points that turn performances into a true exchange.

The first one is that they are a band. While idol groups need to focus on their choreo, a band performance is much more flexible. They can move around a bit and look to any direction they want to. Interactions aren’t limited to ments and encore but happen all the time. 

Also, since they play instruments, they can adapt themselves to the fans’ reaction. If fans sing along to a particular song, they’d replay the chorus to listen to the fans. Or if they have a special way of cheering, they also can follow it. French fans are known for using a riff from the song “Seven Nation Army”, so Jae Hyeong, the bassist, started playing along to it.  

The second point is their english abilities. Communicating through a translator isn’t always easy, and some sentences often suffer from inaccurate translations. Plus having to wait for someone to translate the sentence might also lead the artists to communicate less. It’s not the case with The Rose. Besides Sammy who’s grown up in the United States, Dojoon also spent a few yeard in New Zealand. Even in front of an audience that isn’t native speakers, it is a huge advantage. 

It makes the communication more natural when trying to convey feelings. Especially when Dojoon mentionned the past of the venue. Indeed, the venue for the concert was the scene of a major terror attack in 2015, and Dojoon decided to mention this fact. He said, “And I heard that… Despite of the bad things and like… Really worst things that happened in this place here… It’s still alive because of the music that we create inside here.” As the events are still fresh in french fans’ hears, the mention definitely touched their heart.

And he’s right about that point. Bands like them do create music at every concert, putting the fans’ energy into each performance. The staff also helps making the night special memories, with special mention for MD guys who gave it their all. It was the kind of atmosphere you only get from band concerts and that bring people together. We even overheard a father-daughter talk in which the father who only came as a guardian for his daughter joyfully said that he had an awesome time and totally love the show. He looked as happy as any other fan there!

So if you missed out on The Rose’s Europe tour, don’t miss the next band to come to Europe, and get your ticket to Day6 this January 2019 (also organised by MyMusicTaste)!

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