Rockbottom Crew’s London stage proves the K-Hip Hop craze is strong

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Rockbottom in London

When we say the words “Hallyu” or “Korean music”, most people will think K-Pop first. However, K-Hip Hop is going really strong worldwide, and especially in London where fans were recently blessed with a Rockbottom Crew show.

Rockbottom Crew consists of Don’t Call Me A Dog, Kidoh, Type-C, Hashmate, Supreme Boi and DNH’s Marvel J. Though fans were a bit disappointed that I11evn could not make it due to illness, but Marvel J stepped in to perform.

KAvenyou caught up with the boys backstage for an insightful chat, before their first London show, about their music, girls and London.

KAvenyou – First things first, *Don’t call me a dog* can you please explain why do you call yourself Don’t Call Me A Dog?
Don’t Call Me A DOG (DCMAD) – My friends used to call me a dog when I was drunk and I didn’t like that the fact that they did so that is how the name came around.

KAvenyou – What is on the cards for Rockbottom? Do you guys plan to make a group album?
Supreme Boi – We are preparing for individual albums. In the future we may have a group album if there is something we would like to collaborate on but at the moment its not fixed.

KAvenyou – What inspired you to write Nicki Minaj Girls?
Kidoh – We could foresee that we could come to London and play with some Nicki Minaj Girls

KAvenyou – What song do you have on repeat lately?
Type C – Troy Boy
Supreme Boi – Gallant – Episode

KAvenyou – Are you aware of the UK grime scene?
Supreme Boi – Yes I like grime

KAvenyou – Whose your favourite
Type C – Wiley
Supreme Boi – Wiley and Skepta

Rockbottom in LondonKAvenyou – How are you liking London so far?
Kidoh – Its a beautiful city

KAvenyou – We are going to play the OR game. I will ask you two options and you must only pick one.
Coke OR Pepsi
All – Coke
Summer OR Winter
Supreme Boi – Winter
Type C – Winter
DCMAD, Hashmate & Marvel J & Kidoh – Summer
Miley Cyrus or Nicki Mina
DCMAD, Hashmate, Marvel J, Kidoh, Type C – Miley Cyrus
Supreme Boi – Nicki Minaj
Beat or lyrics
Marvel J & Supreme boi – Lyrics
The rest – Beat

Rockbottom put on such an energetic concert making the crowd jump to every beat. As expected
from a hip hop show fans were very hyped and as the boys said ‘very beautiful’.

The interaction with the fans was amazing with Type-C coming off stage to dance with lucky fans. Kidoh explained how this time round his London trip has started off well since last time he was ‘locked in the hotel’.

Supreme Boi showed his love for the British grime scene when he rapped to the beat of Skepta’s song ‘Nah that’s not me’.

This concert proved that Rockbottom had a lot of love for their London fans and were very excited to meet them. London fons are definitely hoping that they will return in the future for another London concert.

Article by Hafsa

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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