Reminisce the moments at Spring Wave Music Festival in Singapore


7th June 2014 – The Spring Wave swept across Singapore on a Saturday evening with a great ambience, great food and great music. Doors were open hours before the 5PM for fans to enter and get their hands on the variety of authentic Tai Nan Delicacies. Fans were in for a treat with the famous Bubble Milk tea, Mango Shaved Ice, Oyster omelette, Intestine Vermicelli and other finger foods with the ingredients specially flown in from Tai Nan. Tiger Beer, the official sponsor of the concert, also had booths for the others who would like to chill off with a cup of beer. More than 7 hours of great music of different genres, it was estimated to have 4,000 attendees at the concert.

A run-down of the performances:

1. Chriz Tong (湯薇恩)

As the opening act for Spring Wave Singapore, Chriz Tong performed 春花 (Let It Go), 简单生活寂寞疯了 and also the 96°C Café OST《啡情歌》alongside with the Ground Zero Band.

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2. Auntie Roxy (摇滚大婶)

The 6 members band participated and won in multiple competitions. Naming the band “Auntie Roxy”, Lead singer explained that she’s the only female in the group. Their self-composed songs “Drive Me Crazy” and “Nothing At All” wow-ed the audiences away.

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3. BOXING (拳)

Aboriginal Taiwanese rock-reggae band brought their culture closer to the audiences with songs in their own language and even teaching their language so that the audiences can sing along to their songs. The band rocked the stage with 5 songs in total A-MEI’s 《牵手》.

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4. Yao Yao (郭书瑶)

Awarded the Best New Artiste at the Golden Horses Awards 2013, Yao Yao blew the crowd away in her mini black dress with detachable tu-tu which she ripped off singing Taylor’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” . Apart from Yao Yao’s own songs, she also covered Avril Lavigne’s “Wished You Were Here” and JJ Lin’s “She Said”. Fans were less than an arm’s length from Yao Yao when she proceeded to both the extended stages to interact with her fans.

Song list: Honey,Wished You Were Here – Avril Lavigne, I Knew You Were Trouble– Taylor Swift ,她说– 林俊杰,放弃你,你要的爱– 戴佩妮,你的甜蜜,幸福不远,爱的抱抱.

5. Bii (畢書盡)

Being his third visit to Singapore, Bii went onto fulfilling his promise to his fans – to speak more on stage! Despite the large crowd present, Bii did not neglect his strong base of fans supporting him with their fan banners and boards. Starting off with “Come Back To Me” and “Bellucia”, Bii soothes the atmosphere with a ballad “转身之后” and a cover song of “旧行李” by Tanya Chua and “你给我的爱”, a song dedicated to his fans for their never-ending support. Approaching the climax of the segment, Bii then showcased his explosive vocals with “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith and ended off with his duet with Andrew Tan“ 势在必行” and “再见再见”

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6. Della (丁噹)

Della kick started the opening with one of her most renowned songs “我是一只小小鸟”. Following with an upbeat performance with夜猫 and Crazy In Love. The crowd had their ear-candy with the highly anticipated “手掌心”, a Chinese Historical drama “Prince of Lan Ling (兰陵王)”. Other songs performed includes 好难得,不是你的错,野兽,我爱夏天,伤心的人别听慢歌 -(五月天),我爱她。

7. Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾)
All dressed up like Michael Jackson with a striking electric blue jacket, Jam ‘s opening stage with 福尔摩斯 had the audiences going crazy with his unique rock style. A good mixture of songs and covers from his past and latest albums was sung and the heated atmosphere literally blew the roof off with 只能想念你,原谅我,MARRY ME,阿飞的小蝴蝶,A Song For You, 新不了情,怎么说我不爱你, Black and White – Michael Jackson and lastly, an all-time favorite ”王妃”。
8. A-mei (张惠妹)
Queen of Mandopop A-Mei lives up to her name by getting the crowd on their feet and singing along to the songs. A-Mei’s all-time classics were performed 不顾一切,爱什么稀罕, ARE U READY,彩虹,都什么时候了,人质,我的歌声里(曲碗婷),记得,好胆你就来,火,开门见山。
We would like to thank Friendly Dog Entertainment and LEAP IMS for having us at this amazing outdoor concert! We are looking forward to Spring Wave 2015 already!

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