[COVERAGE] Rain creates a storm in Singapore at “THE SQUALL” concert

Just a few days before 2016 ended, Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) created a storm in Singapore at his “THE SQUALL” concert, held at the Resorts World Convention Centre on 30 December 2016.

Despite the concert starting an hour late, fans were no less excited when Rain appeared on stage with his hit single “It’s Raining”. After performing his first few songs, Rain greeted the Singapore fans in English and apologised for the delay of the concert.

Many times during his performance, the 34 year old entertainer teased his fans by unzipping his jacket and sliding his jacket off his shoulder, but he eventually made many fan girls squeal with delight when he ripped off his black t-shirt during “I”, revealing his well-toned chest.

Rain also performed his popular hits such as “Love Song”, “Hip Song”, “LA Song”, “30Sexy” and of course, the crowd’s all-time favourite “Rainism” during the encore. He also showed off his Mandarin skills when he sang “克拉恋人” – the title song of his 2015 Chinese drama “Diamond Lover” – with perfect pronunciation.

Throughout the concert, there wasn’t any dull moment as Rain impressed the crowd with his sleek dance moves, even during the ballads. At one point, he even went down to the audience to interact with the fans and also took a selfie with them towards the end of the concert.

As the show came to an end, Rain thanked all the fans who came for the concert and wished them a Happy New Year, before he went backstage.

KAvenyou would like to Faith & D Entertainment for the invite to cover Rain Tour in Singapore – “THE SQUALL” concert.

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Rain Tour in Singapore – “The Squall”

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Article by: Victoria @ KAvenyou.com
Photography by: StarSpeed Entertainment

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