Race Start Season 2 in Singapore Running Man Fan Meeting – Filled with surprise encores!

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Five of the Running Man cast members – Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, HaHa, Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo were in town for the ‘Race Start Season 2 in Singapore Running Man Fan Meeting’ held on 29th November at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

Prior to the fan meeting at night, over 6000 passionate fans had gathered at Suntec City mall to catch a glimpse of the stars at the autograph session in the afternoon, where the cast signed exclusive Race Start posters for winners of sponsors’ contests and VIP ticket holders.

The fan meeting opened with the members performing Lyn’s My Destiny from the hit drama You Who Came From The Stars, and the crowd cheered loudly when it Jong Kook aced the high notes during his turn.

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23 lucky fans joined the members up on stage to play various games together, such as charades, piggybacking, pepero “kiss”, ttakji and jegi. Not only did the fans get to interact with the members up-close, they also walked away with merchandise such as autographed posters, shirts, caps, polaroids with the members and not to mention also stealing some handshakes and hugs from them before leaving the stage!

The most anticipated segment of the night was probably the performances by the Running Man cast – as big nose hyung Suk Jin began the series of performances with Billy Joel’s Just The Way Your Are. Following after, Asia Prince Kwang Soo appeared on stage to serenade the audience with Kim Bum Soo’s I Miss You, while playing the piano. Ace Ji Hyo performed Lim Jeong Hee’s Scent of a Flower, which was from the drama Emergency Couple where she played the lead role in. Fans of the Monday couple went wild as Ji Hyo continued on performing the next song – Leessang’s Turned off the TV! Although Gary was not present that night, there were not one, but two replacement Garys for Jihyo (in fact, Jong Kook and HaHa) as they joined her on stage donning Gary masks to keep her company!

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The highlight of the night was the much-awaited sexy Trouble Maker performance by the Easy BrothersKwang Soo and Suk Jin, which drove the crowd to roaring laughters and screams with every cringe-worthy dance moves done by the duo.

Despite having a cold that day, Jong Kook still put on his best performance as he belted out One Man and Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning. HaHa performed a medley of his hit songs, Story of a Little Kid, You are my Fate and Rosa as the crowd all gathered at the front of a stage to soak in the high atmosphere along to his reggae tunes. HaHa also performed From Fool To Fool and Turbo’s Twist King as Jong Kook joined him on stage to perform.

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The Running Man members gathered on stage to take a group photo with the crowd when the lights suddenly went out, taking the members by surprise. This was the start of the surprise event for the members, as the whole venue sang Twinkle Star, waving along their lightsticks and phone flashlights. A fondant cake was brought on stage, decorated with the Running Man members in animal playsuits and Singapore’s various icons. “Gomawo Saranghae”, meaning “thank you, I love you” was the message that the fans wanted to convey to the members for their very last stop of their Race Start Season 2 fan meeting tour, and the members replied the same thing as well. Ji Hyo was so touched by this surprise event that she was on the verge of tears, as fans chanted “don’t cry, don’t cry” to her.

Before the fan meeting ended, the members performed Loveable and Busan Vacance together, but like most events, they returned for an encore to 2PM’s Hands Up – with HaHa even bringing a young fan up on stage to dance along with them!

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The members all knelt down and bowed deeply to the audience, thanking everyone for coming and making this event a success, as the fan meeting came to an end. Fans were already beginning to leave the venue when the members appeared once again unexpectedly for another round of encore, to Turbo’s December! Lucky fans managed to take selcas with their favourite cast members as they randomly took their phones, before the fan meeting finally ended for real this time round.

KAvenyou would like to thank ONE for the invitation to cover Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Singapore.

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Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photo credits: ONE

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