[Paparazzi Special] Produce 101 concluded, but what next?

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9 July 2016, Singapore – Korea caught on to the Japan wave in the form of Produce 101 some month back. The reality show seems to have taken on the Japanese style of idol development, which is to let the fans grow with them. This model has proven successful simply by looking at how popular AKB48 and it’s various franchises has been around the world.


By adding a little Korean flavour of viral and mind spinning music (“pick me pick me pick me up!”), and having a mix of experienced and rookie trainees from the numerous entertainment agencies in the country makes for a successful show. The show has ended, and the winning members forming the equally popular group I.O.I; but is that really the end?

The game has restarted for many of the more popular participants, and not being in the top 11 didn’t quite spell the end for them; as many went back to their agencies and made or are making their debut in new groups. The interesting arrangement between the Produce 101 producers and the agencies also created new opportunities; where I.O.I members are able to debut or promote under a different group with their respective agencies during lull periods.

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