[Press Conference] From Underdogs to the Throne – The Impossible Heirs

26 February 2024 – South Korea

Left to Right: Lee Junyong, Hong Suzu, Director Min Yeonhong and Lee Jaewook

The press conference for Disney+‘s latest kdrama The Impossible Heir kick started with Director Min Yeonhong sharing his thoughts on what was his focus when directing this drama.

When viewers heard about this drama, they have thought that it would be stories of chaebols (colomoglorates), but the story revolves more around the underdogs – Han Taeoh (acted by Lee Jaewook), Kang Inha (acted by Lee Junyong) and Na Hyewon (acted by Hong Suzu)

Director Min tried to focus in creating the realistic stories of the chaebols and how would he as the underdog react to the various circumstances being thrown at him.

Lee Jaewook shared that when he first read the script, he is also curious about the storyline and can’t wait to see what unfolds. Viewers can expect an intriguing, very strong and intense first scene which will leave them curious and wanting more.

Lee Junyong added on and said that it is a total page turner for him too. His character Kang Inha was born with a silver spoon but Kang Inha was not raised that way. He thought he would be playing a role from a non wealthy background but turns out he is not. It was a very fun read.

It was Hong Suzu‘s first time playing a lead in a series and she is thankful that her fellow cast members helped her a lot and she enjoyed being on set

Lee Jaewook revealed that his character, Han Taeoh, is a son of a murder and he imagine how Han Taeoh is like as a person. Lee Jaewook feels that Han Taeoh comes off as almost arrogant as he is very quiet and always got a poker face on. As the story progresses, he joins Kang Inha in the project to climb up the pinnacle.

As Han Taeoh is not an expressive character, there is little leeway on how Lee Jaewook can express that character. So Director Min worked with him to focus on the hand gestures, camera angles or how he looks at things. 

Lee Junyong shared some tidbits with the press that because he is of similar age with Lee Jaewook, he is nervous and yet excited to work together with him. While filming, Lee Jaewook would be the one leading him. They had so much fun and bloopers on set.

Lee Junyong has played a lot of charcters and his past works are mainly villains. But in this drama, his character is good and evil at the same time. Wondering how he pulls it off, he shared that he just focuses on what the script says and thanks to the help of the other casts he could pull it off well. Lee Junyong is glad that he is a good guy his time round. He has to always conceal his nice side because he is always playing evil characters. But this time he could be himself as he’s a nice guy and also Lee Jaewook’s friend. 

This drama was the first time the main leads meet each other but the chemistry shows up really nicely on screen and Lee Jaewook mentioned that they had so much fun on set he feels like his younger self again. 

Hong Suzu also mentioned that her character Na Hyewon grew up from a dark background but is honest about her desire. In order to portray the character from her student days and 5 years later, she portrayed the changes by using vocals and dressing. Na Hyewon has that bubbly personality but yet is also coldheaded. She is a complex and ambitious character, which brings viewers a differerent energy as compared to the other 2 characters

A little TMI, the fans already have a nickname for the main characers – 로로즈 (which means “Lolo’s” which stems from the Korean name of the drama 로얄로더 “Royal Loader”)

This drama is going to be a visual feast and it will leave viewers curious on why the characters want to claim the royal throne.

When asked on who he thinks will claim the throne, Lee Junyong quipped that he hope it is him. But they already know who and will not spoil it for the viewers.

Stay tuned to the drama, there will be a lot of push and pull. And like what Lee Junyong said before the press conference ended “The war begins now”.

The Impossible Heir will be avaliable for steaming on Disney+ from 28 February onwards.

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