Professor Kim Soo Hyun Greeted Taiwan Fans with I Love You! 金秀賢教授對台灣得粉絲說我愛你!


“Hello, My name is Kim Soo Hyun, I love you!”

The wonderful man, Kim Soo Hyun greeted Taiwan fans with I love you in Taiwan dialect. With the Professor Do role in “My Love From The Star”, Kim Soo Hyun held his first ever fan meeting in Taiwan. He arrived in Taiwan on 23 March 2014 and there were a large amount of fans that waited at the airport for his arrival. Kim Soo Hyun revealed that Taiwan fans are so passionate and cheerful.

Lets look at the Q&A section:

Q: Did you have a good sleep last night? Did you go for a bowling match?

A: I didn’t have a decent sleep last night, because I was too nervous. I wanted to go for bowling but I had an advertisement shooting schedule, therefore I went back home straight after my job and got myself ready to come to Taiwan.

Q: Do you have any special impressions about Taiwan before coming here? Did any of your artiste friends tell you about it?

A: Talking about Taiwan, Jay Chou is the first singer that popped out in my mind, his songs and movies caught my attention. Last time when Jeon Ji Hyun came to Taiwan, she brought some pineapple cakes for me. It was really delicious. Therefore, I would like to bring some back to Korea this time. I heard that Mango Ice is a must-try food in Taiwan! If I had the chance, I would like to give it a try.

(This lovely man pronounced Pineapple Cake and Mango Ice in Taiwan dialect language.)

Q: Our organizer prepared “Beef Noodle” for you. Have you tried it? How was it?

A: I had “beef noodle” as my lunch, and it was pretty filling. Besides, I tried “xiao long bao” too!
(Kim Soo Hyun learned “beef noodle” and “xiao long bao” in Chinese on the spot. But he couldn’t pronounce beef noodle in the correct accent, in fact he could learn very fast with Taiwan Dialect.)

Q: You had tried acting the roles of king, professor etc. What kind of acting role would you like to try?

A: I want to try something different like acting as a bad guy. But I am not too sure if I could act it well.

Q: In real life, you are a left-hander, but you used your right hand to eat and write in the movie. Do you feel inconvenience and was it hard for you?

A: Actually I wanted to use my left hand while acting. In fact our director said it would be more suitable for someone who lived on the earth for 400 years to use right hand in daily life. Well, I would say it is quite hard for me while eating using right hand.

Q: You are crowned as the “Best Man”. What do you think is your most charming part?

A: Well, I think my eyes are charming. This is because eyes can express a lot of emotions and I hope I could use more eye sights in my acting.

Q: You are famous around the world right now, is there any inconvenience in your life? Have you met any crazy fans? Or being touched by fans?

A: Well, when I was in the public area, I realized everybody was starting to take note of me. Therefore, I have to take good care of my image. In 2011, I went to Hong Kong for a movie shooting, there was this Taiwan fan who caught my attention, I could still remember her name but I won’t mention it right here.

Q: Can you remember all the fans name? Is your memory as good as an alien that you acted?

A: Well, I can’t remember all the fans name. But that particular fan is very mysterious and she presented herself as my girlfriend. Therefore, I could remember her name.

Q: Do you have a close relation with your boss, Bae Yong Joon? How do you guys interact with each other?

A: Sometimes I will drop by at his house. He has various hobbies, I recalled that he liked to make coffee but now he likes porcelain. He is the kind of person who likes to share interesting things with friends, I could learn a lot from him. I think he is quite similar to the image of Professor Do in the drama. Sometimes I got some inspiration from him and he actually helped a lot with acting for this role. There is no stress between us, both of use have good relations with each other. If talking about stress, maybe it’s the expectation from the audience.

Q: Your teared during your Fan Meeting in Korea. Was it because you had too much stress nowadays?

A: When I looked down from the stage, there were so many fans supporting me. I was so touched by their presence. At that moment, appreciation is all I felt. Frankly speaking, I am an easily touched person, it has nothing to do with “stress”.


The press conference lasted for 45 minutes. Sometimes Kim Soo Hyun said some Chinese or dialect to entertain the crowd. He enlightened the press conference atmosphere with laughter. At the end of the press conference, the organizer prepared 101 model macarons for him, and prepared a Star Card for Kim Soo Hyun to sign on it. The lovely man, Kim Soo Hyun ended the press conference with a warm smile that could capture everybody’s heart.

『大家好,我是金秀賢,我愛你!』 以一口熟練的台語打招呼正是首次來台舉辦 Fan Meeting,時下最夯的演員——《來自星星的你》男主角金秀賢。21/3抵台的金秀賢,一下飛機就受到了粉絲們的熱烈歡迎,讓他在記者會時也表示那麼多粉絲讓他受寵若驚喔!整場記者會在非常歡樂、氣氛融洽下進行。配合着主持人黃子佼的提問,金秀賢的妙答,不時還傳出陣陣笑聲。



Q. 昨晚睡得好嗎?有去打保齡球嗎?

A: 在韓國時沒有睡得很好,因為心情很緊張。想去打保齡球,可是昨天有拍廣告的行程,所以拍完了就回家,準備來台灣了。

Q: 來台灣之前,對台灣有什麼特別的想法或印象嗎?藝人朋友有提起關於台灣的事嗎?

A: 說到台灣,讓我想起的是周杰倫,他的歌曲和電影我都有關注。全智賢(姐姐)上次來台灣以後帶了鳳梨酥,也分享給我吃,這一次我也想買很多很多的鳳梨酥回去。聽說芒果冰也很好吃,有機會也想吃看看。(金秀賢用中文說了『鳳梨酥』和『芒果冰』)

Q: 主辦單位和飯店準備的『牛肉麵』吃過了嗎?覺得如何?

A: 我吃了『牛肉麵』,非常地飽,感覺褲子就快要被撐破了!我還吃了『小籠包』喔!(金秀賢在現場學了『牛肉麵』和『小籠包』的中文,卻一直說不好『牛肉麵』的中文,反而是台語學得很快喔!)

Q: 演過了君王 (《擁抱太陽的月亮》)、教授 (《來自星星的你》)… 等這麼多角色,還想嘗試什麼樣的角色呢?做出什麼突破呢?

A: 我想要嘗試具有攻擊性的角色,比如壞人之類的,特別是那種大家一看到就覺得超壞的壞人!但還不曉得自己能不能詮釋到位。

Q: 本人在現實生活是左撇子,卻在劇中用右手吃飯、寫字等,會不會特別辛苦呢?

A: 原本想要在戲劇中使用左手,但導演說活了那麼久的人(劇中活了400年),使用右手會比較普遍。特別是吃飯的時候,會比較辛苦。

Q: 在《來自星星的你》中扮演教授的角色,常常需要說出一大串的道理、歷史故事和專門知識等等,會覺得背那麼多台詞很困難嗎?

A: 劇中的角色『都敏俊』是活了400年的人,我覺得要把這種活了很長時間的歷練表現出來是比較辛苦的。而在劇中角色課堂授課的部分,會盡量以快樂的心情來完成。

Q: 被稱為『男神』的金秀賢,覺得自己全身上下最有魅力的地方是哪裡呢?

A: 我覺得最有魅力的地方就是眼睛了。因為眼睛可以表達許多的情感,也希望能夠成為透過眼睛就能演戲的演員。

Q: 走紅了之後,對生活有什麼不便?有遇過瘋狂的粉絲嗎?還是有被粉絲摸過嗎?

A: 紅了之後,出門時開始意識到周圍的眼光,也會更加小心注意自己的舉止言行,因為要維持在大家眼前的形象。2011年的時候拍電影時去了香港,當時有一位台灣粉絲讓我印象深刻,我還記得她的名字呢!但我就不說出來了。



Q: 有『暖男』之稱的金秀賢,覺得自己最溫暖的部分是什麼?

A: 要我自己說哪裡溫暖、溫柔有點奇怪!大概是戲裡的角色形象才會讓大家有這麼樣的感覺,本人可能沒有啦……我這樣回答會太謙虛了嗎?哈哈

Q: 你跟老闆裴勇俊會很常聯絡嗎嗎,你們都怎麼樣互動?(比如裴勇俊會和金賢重去看海灘),老闆的名氣會不會對你造成壓力?

A: 有時間就會到裴勇俊的家裡玩。裴勇俊的興趣很多、很廣泛,上一次喜歡泡咖啡,最近喜歡燒瓷器。裴勇俊也是一個很愛分享的人,從他身上學習很多、獲益良多。這一次飾演教授的角色,大家也知道裴勇俊的形象就很像角色,所以也從他身上得到了靈感,幫助我在角色上的詮釋和發揮。至於壓力嘛,我們(指藝人與老闆)在公司相處非常和睦融洽,如果說有壓力的話,那就是在演出一個好作品成功以後,大家會想要『下一個作品還要更好』的想法。

Q: 平常是怎麼挑劇本呢?

A: 我會先看角色是否能消化、詮釋。選定之後再揣摩演出成自己心中的角色形象。

Q: 韓國場的見面會上,金秀賢落淚了。是因為最近走紅後壓力大?

A: 當時站在舞台上往下看,看到滿滿的觀眾席,突然感慨。怎麼會有那麼多人支持我,當時的感情是非常感謝,然後就落淚了。再加上,其實我自己也很愛哭啦!不是因為壓力喔!


Chinese Article by: Su Yee @KAvenyou
Photography by: Vanessa @KAvenyou

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