[COVERAGE] Cosmospeople and Peggy Hsu Spread Their Love and Energy at “Live to Give” Concert 2015

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Singapore – At the “Live to Give” concert 2015, held on 24 January 2015, Cosmospeople (宇宙人)  and Peggy Hsu(許哲珮) brought energy and warmth to the patients and caregivers at Bright Vision Hospital through their music.

“Live to Give” is a charity concert which helps to raise funds for needy patients at Bright Vision Hospital, and at the same time, to show appreciation to the caregivers who are dedicated to taking care of their loved ones.


After a warm hearted opening speech by a patient and caregiver, Cosmospeople took the stage and started the concert with a series of light-hearted and upbeat songs, 一起去跑步, 要去高雄 and 花花.  Different from their usual audience, a portion of the crowd present that day probably haven’t heard of them prior to the concert and were in general, much quieter than their usual audience. Despite that, the trio had still managed to spread their energy and positivity through their music and quirkiness. The audience quickly warmed up to them and were very soon waving their light sticks and clapping along to their songs, Oh Girl, 荷爾蒙爆炸 and 夜來夜香.

The funky trio livened the atmosphere with their antics and jokes, and bassist 方Q had attempted to connect with the audience by speaking in English and even Singlish. They also shared about their experiences of being the first Mandopop group to have climbed and filmed a MV on the Himalayas. The first half of the concert came to an end with their last song for the night, 大志若魚, a song which they hoped would give strength to the audience and encourage them never to give up hope.

Peggy Hsu quickly took over the stage with a cute and bubbly song, Tippy Toes. As she went on to her second song, 我們一起睡覺, she had requested the audience to help her with the song, asking them to hush her and say “shhhh…” at certain parts of the song.

Specially for the Singapore audience, she also sang her very popular hit, 白色婚禮, a song which she admittedly hasn’t sung in a long time. During her song, 一個人浪漫, she walked off the stage and sat next to the audience, singing among them and interacting with them.

At her last song, 汽球, Peggy gave the audience a pleasant surprise as she sang a segment of 詩人漫步, a song she had written for Jolin Tsai. After which, she invited 小玉, lead vocalist of Cosmospeople, back on stage for the final song for the night, Way Back Into Love.

The night ended with a post-event autograph session for their posters and albums sold at the venue, including a special edition of Peggy’s latest album which has only been released in Taiwan.

For those who wish to help and donate to Bright Vision Hospital, donations can be made at http://www.giveasia.org/movement/live_to_give_2015.

Article by Lauren @ KAvenyou, Photography by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou.

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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