[COVERAGE] Top 3 Moments from Park Bo Gum’s Fanmeeting in Singapore

Missing, or missed the hype from Park Bo Gum’s “Oh Happy Day” Fanmeeting in Singapore? Here are the Top 3 most endearing moments that sparked a big hype at Park Bo Gum’s first fan meeting in Singapore!

  1. Song Joong-ki’s surprise visit

Yup, you got that right. Model Sunbae and label mate Song Joong-ki made a surprise visit at his hoobae’s fan meeting. One word: Madness. From the moment he appeared the crowd showed relentless support for the Descendants of the Sun lead. Joong-ki was all smiles and talked about how he had to be present for Bo Gum’s last stop of his Asia tour.

He then went on to hype the crowd even more when he showed just how much chemistry he had with Bo Gum. In a game segment, the two handsome actors had to work together to gain points and my, did they show much skinship and humour in their through their gestures!

2. Park Bo Gum 101

In what was the most informative fan meet to date, fans really got to know and understand Bo Gum at a different level. From revealing unseen pictures to talking about his struggles in acting, fans got to know Bo Gum on a more personal level. He said that he knew these were ways he could connect with fans better and he had no qualms about being open about his life, just a little bit.


Bo Gum revealed that he loved writing his diary on the plan other than sleeping and watching movies, who knew Bo Gum would be so sentimental! He also shyly admitted that he loves dancing to fast music at home when nobody is around! Before Bo Gum ended his talk segment, he made sure to leave fans with pieces of advice in life, telling them to always choose the path that will lead to happiness and he wished his fans eternal happiness.

3. The (overloading) Fan Service

Trust us when we say the entire fan meeting was loaded with fan service after fan service. My, where do we even begin! Bo Gum start off completing the requests of fans who wanted him to fly him a paper aeroplane like he did in the first episode of Love In The Moonlight. He went to the extent of identifying the fan, writing her a personal note and signing it and flew it to her. Oh, did we mention that he flew 5 other similar planes to random fans?

Credit: Blossom Ent.

Bo Gum continued on with singing a birthday song and Don’t Worry from Reply 1988’s OST, never failing to identify the fan who requested them first. 5 lucky fans were then selected to reenact romantic scenes with Bo Gum in the first of many interactive segments to come. The biggest surprise came when Bo Gum came through the crowd and sang Singapura, he special segment he had hinted about earlier on. To top this off, he prepared food for a lucky fan, signed on the apron and gifted it to the fan. After Joong-ki appeared, Bo Gum gave out countless more gifts ranging from merchandised to personal items. And as if that wasn’t enough, Bo Gum ended off his fan meet with a hi-touch session with all fans who were present. Yup, ALL. And that number are in the thousands.

Credit: Blossom Ent.

Park Bo Gum lived up to his name as a humble and respectful actor who always looked out his fans. He singled out a fan during his last segment who affectionately looked at him during his special segment. Though the fan didn’t know it was her, Bo Gum made sure to hand her a hand-written note he read out to the crowd to her personally. During the hi-touch, he spotted the fan who turned out to be an old lady and handed her the note. It was so heart-warming it drew applause from fans who witnessed this.

Ah, Bo Gum ah~

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