Actress Park Eun Bin of Extraordinary Attorney Woo graced Singapore’s shores, says she has always wanted to visit

On Friday (November 11), Park Eun Bin, female lead of the popular Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, visited Singapore to greet her fans at a fanmeeting, where she answered many fans’ questions and performed the OSTs of the dramas she has starred in. 

During an interview with the media, Park Eun Bin shared that she has heard many good things about Singapore—how clean and environmentally friendly it is—and has always wanted to visit. She even mastered the art of Singlish to interact with her fans during the fanmeet, throwing out phrases such as “Singapore Shiok!” and “Be happy la.” Now that she has set foot on our sunny island, Park Eun Bin reveals that Singapore is a country that has become more special because she is here to meet the people who love her. 

The 30-year-old South Korean actress is known for many of her lead roles in multiple television series, including Do You Like Brahms?, Hot Stove League, The King’s Affection, and the most recent Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In the drama, she plays the role of a rookie lawyer diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who possesses a high IQ, impressive memory power, and the ability to bring justice to her clients. 

When talking about her achievement in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin professed that she had only recently heard about her fans’ reaction to the drama and that it was “beyond my expectations and I’m happy with the reception” and “truly extraordinary!” 

Apart from Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin also portrayed many titular characters in other series that have been well-loved by her fans. She mentioned that when she chooses a role, she first asks herself, “What do I feel about the character?” before reading the synopsis to “find if it aligns with the message I want to send.” She also shared that because “every drama and role has a different energy, that’s how I keep myself motivated.” Also, despite having tried many unique personalities on screen, she hopes to star in a romantic comedy genre in the future because it is something she has never had the chance to do. 

Ending off the interview, Park Eun Bin shares that she hopes to be happy and healthy in 2023.

The press conference was hosted by VIU.

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