Our 11.11 night was better as we spent it with Park Eun Bin

Our evening was filled with smiles while swooning over how adorable Park Eun Bin was in real life at her very first Fan Meeting Tour in Asia, “EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN” in Singapore on 11 November 2022. 

The fan meeting started with Eun Bin singing “Hello”, originally sung by Park Hye Kyung in 2003 and was re-recorded by Red Velvet’s Joy in 2021, as a way of saying “Hi” to her Singapore fans. She then candidly greeted her fans in Singlish which she quickly picked up while she was here in Singapore.

Eun Bin’s fans got to know her better through the XO quiz where lucky fans, who managed to guess all her answers to the questions correctly, will walk away with a special canvas bag personally drawn and signed by her.

The animals on the canvas bags are a Rabbit, a pair of Chicks and a pair of Whales. When asked by the emcee if the Chicks and Whales are a couple as she added hearts in between them, Eun Bin replied cutely “Noo.. Just friends” which cracks her fans up.

After a change of clothes, Eun Bin came back on stage with “The Blue Night of Jeju Island” as it was the OST of her recent drama, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’.

During the Q&A session where Eun Bin answered her fans’ burning questions, the question that fans were most curious about was how she decides the vocal and tone of each of the characters that she’s played. 

Did you know that Eun Bin at some point in life didn’t like her voice? So she decided to work on it and did a lot of practising with different tones. With that, during script reading she will read the lines of her character in different tones to decide which best suited her character. Thus in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, Woo Young Woo spoke in a higher tone voice while Lee Hwi in ‘The King’s Affection’ had a lower tone voice.

The segment where the emcee asked Eun Bin’s thoughts on the characters she’s played,  Eun Bin gave the fans an idea of what was going through her mind while she was acting out the characters. 

In ‘The King’s Affection’, she felt that out of horse riding, swimming and sword fighting, horse riding was the scariest to her even though she’s not good at swimming. As horses are extra sensitive to their surroundings, the conditions of the horses are important. If the horses felt overwhelmed they might just throw her off their backs.

In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, Eun Bin’s favourite whales are the Narwhal and the whale that accompanied Young Woo to work in the first and last episode of the drama. She shared that even though Young Woo is excited to ramble off all the facts about whales, when Eun Bin herself saw the lines, she was shocked. “What the whale” she jokingly exclaimed.

Eun Bin’s fans in Singapore also prepared a special event for her by showing a fanmade VCR and then surprised her by holding on the placard that reads “11.11 – The day Eun Bin filled our empty spaces with happy memories”.

Eun Bin ended off the fan meeting by singing to a song that all her Singapore fans would know – “Singapura, Sunny Island”.

Article By: Meng @ KAvenyou

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