[Paparazzi Corner] North Korea prepares for war, but who are the casualties of Korea world domination?

2 March 2015 – We are back for another Paparazzi Monday to stir some news for the boring Monday.   Anyone ever wondered the real casualties in the modern form of world domination, where digital domination seems to have somehow “killed” more people than an actual war? Think K-Pop in recent years, and how it dominated every footprint on the globe.

North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong Un spots a new haircut that in my opinion contradictarily looks like Street Fighter’s Guile (with an American flag tattoo). Kim has apparently asked his army to “prepare for war” in their bid to threaten their neighbours in the South and foes in the far west.

[one_half]guile-street-fighter[/one_half] [one_half_last]kim-jong-un-haircut[/one_half_last]

South Korea has created quite a story in terms of world domination in recent years by exporting almost anything you can think of around the world. In short they exported Korean culture around the world, and well received and accepted by the people everywhere. I wonder how is this of much difference as compared to China exporting their people everywhere, apart from the difference in culture perceived by people.

Along the way, there has been casualties as a result from what I perceive as stress to those involved in this exported culture; especially those in the entertainment industry. The latest being a young lady from “Baby Kara” Ahn So Jin, 22, who was suspected to have committed suicide.

Ahn So Jin, 22

Back in October 2014, a safety official also committed suicide following a high profile accident at a 4Minute outdoor concert where sixteen fans lost their lives. The amount of stress translates to South Korea having the highest suicide rates amongst developed nations. However, there are also none suicide cases and one of the most high profile and unfortunate accidents while rushing between tight schedules; caused the deaths of 2 female K-Pop group members Rise (23) and EunB (22) from Ladies Code.


So what exactly is the price of world domination? Mental stress leads to people killing themselves or each other, which seems like some resident evil movie where a deadly virus is spreading. It makes one reckon if media is the real form of “weapon of mass destruction”, compared to any nuclear weapon or radiation crap that people are so afraid of. This has already been made into a drama in the form of “Pinocchio“, and drama buffs should check that out as well.

Sounds funny to be implying that ourselves writing here has a role to play, but it probably is the truth that media people should have a sense of responsibility in the things they write about, and not spin unnecessary rumours in an attempt to gain readers. As readers, you should also exercise some discretion on what you read.

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