[Paparazzi Corner] Are pretty girls the biggest liars or plastic?

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9 March 2015 – Being an avid fan of Korea, surfing on the Korean wave the past 5-6 years; it is common that I hear comments about “these girls and guys are plastic” or “all these pretty girls look the same”. Doesn’t that sound like “everybody in Korea that looks good are plastic”? Actually, I am pretty sure many caucasians will think all Asians look the same and vice versa. It is almost normal that you will not remember or be able to differentiate people you are new to no?

I take a neutral stance on this issue, so I thought I should air my views on “Paparazzi Corner”. So what exactly is the difference between someone who went through the procedures and someone who takes an hour to put on thick makeup every day? Before we move on, I have a disclaimer to make. In NO WAY am I implying that any of the people in the photos went through cosmetic surgery of any sorts.

Where should we draw the line for cosmetic surgery? Must it be plastic or silicon or any other synthetic material injected into the face? Is botox or laser treatments to remove freckles, blemishes and firming the skin included? Can even putting on braces and whitening to the teeth considered cosmetic surgery? If the end result is that the person looking better, I personally think all should be included.


Korean artistes often look fresher and more “girl-next-door” without make-up on, and these can be seen if you follow their personal social media accounts or various variety programme. Why is there a stereotype that these girls are plastic? Going through an intense diet programme and some minor procedures like teeth whitening and straightening can make someone look pretty different, and these things are done ridiculously frequently everywhere. If those are accepted, why are people still bias against the so-call plastic surgery?


Then we look at the Taiwanese artistes, who are supposedly natural beauties. How are these no makeup shots any different from the Korean artistes? So does that mean these Taiwanese artistes are plastic too?

I think the debate was never really about plastic or not plastic. In this day and age, all forms of cosmetic surgeries are common and available. It is hard to draw the line and stereotype against Korea just because such procedures are more accepted in their culture. Sometimes cosmetic surgeries are inevitable and for the better, and this has been proven in the Korean programme “Let Me In”.

So where exactly is controversial? I like to challenge the norms, and if the big issue lies on whether a person looks the same as they should be without any makeup or surgery; then the biggest liars are those who applies thick makeup and never reveals their “real” faces.

china-beauty-no-makeup-2 china-beauty-no-makeup

taiwan-beauty-no-makeup-2 taiwan-beauty-no-makeup-3

With those examples above, is the problem still with plastic? I find no issues with cosmetic surgery if it gives a person more confidence. If you are so against cosmetic surgery, you better be someone who do not use thick makeup too. My main message on this is, do not discriminate on cosmetic surgery, just because you cannot accept it. A permanent “fixture” in my opinion is still better than “acting” in front of people with those thick makeup. I’ll leave you people to be your own judge on this.

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Article by: James @ KAvenyou
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