Korean Courtroom Comedy “One Dollar Lawyer” To Stream On Disney+ From September 23

This fall, watch David take on a steady stream of Goliaths in “One Dollar Lawyer, a moving courtroom comedy about a pro bono lawyer who helps those in need for just a dollar a case, coming September 23rd on Disney+.

Cheon Jihun is a lawyer who is committed to doing the right thing. Sporting a stylish perm and an unorthodox methodology, he has made a name for himself as one of the most talented lawyers around, routinely beating expensive firms and their lawbreaking clients for just one dollar per case. An inspiration to many, Jihun will cause Baek Mari, a confident assistant attorney born into “legal royalty” to question everything she believes after being forced to work with Jihun for two months.

Starring Namkoong Min (“Stove League”, “The Veil”) as Cheon Jihun, a star lawyer with a high win rate who charges his clients one dollar per case; Kim Jieun (“The Veil”, “Strangers From Hell”) as Baek Muri, a lawyer born into a family of “legal royalty”; One Dollar Lawyer is written by Choi Soojin and Choi Changhwan (“Heart Surgeons”, “Innocent Defendant”), directed by Kim Jaehyun and Shin Joonghoon,and is produced by Studio S.

The latest Korean title to be announced as part of the library of endless entertainment available on Disney+, “One Dollar Lawyer”  joins other world-class local APAC content, including “Big Mouth” about an inept lawyer who is falsely imprisoned and accused of being the country’s most notorious conman; “Soundtrack #1”, about unrequited love between two close friends, as well as the recently announced “Connect” about a serial killer who crosses the wrong man, and much, much more.

Stream the Star Original series “One Dollar Lawyer” on Disney+ starting September 23.

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