ONE December programme highlights – Pinocchio, Super Junior M’s Guest House, KPOP STAR 4



ONE, the leading Korean entertainment channel in Singapore for three consecutive years, will wrap up 2014 with blockbuster drama Pinocchio. The enchanting romance series will join ONE’s stable of top-rated programmes such as My Love From The Star, The Master’s Sun, The Inheritors and My Lovely Girl, all of which premiered within weeks after their debut broadcasts in Korea.

Inspired by the world-renowned fable of the same name, Pinocchio will star two of South Korea’s brightest young television actors, Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger) and Park Shin Hye (The Inheritors). The coming-of-age story delves into the lives of childhood friends Choi In Ha and Choi Da Pol who are budding journalists at a current affairs news desk. Park Shin Hye’s character Choi In Ha suffers from the incurable Pinocchio Syndrome – a ‘medical condition’ that causes her to be afflicted with violent hiccups whenever she tells anything but the truth. Lee Jong Suk plays the scruffy-looking but eloquent country bumpkin Choi Da Pol, who will eventually bloom into a dashing gentleman. The series will follow the characters’ pursuit of truth, justice and most of all, love.

Crowned as one of the ‘Fantastic Four of Hallyu’ by fans, leading man Lee Jong Suk is arguably one of the most sought-after male celebrities today. His popularity stretches far beyond Korea with flourishing fan bases all across Asia. His fame is evident – Pinocchio will be the third successive mini-series he’s headlining in a short span of two years! The 25 year-old star was last seen on the multi-genre hit drama I Hear Your Voice and pulse-pounding medical drama Doctor Stranger, which were both aired on ONE.

Pinocchio-poster-1-(landscape)Pinocchio may be the first on-screen collaboration between Lee and Park but the co-stars are already making a splash in the media and amongst fans with their remarkably palpable chemistry. Viewers can also look forward to an attractive ensemble of up-and-coming stars, which includes actor-turned-model Kim Young Kwang (Birth Secret) and Lee Yu Bi, who was the host of K-Pop countdown show Inkigayo.

The 20-episode drama is led by acclaimed director Jo Soo Won and written by Park Hye Ryun, who helmed hits such as I Hear Your Voice. Screenwriter Park, in his effort to deliver convincing characters and plot, was reportedly following journalists to assignments and even sat through their editorial meetings.

Powered by prime and the current South Korean entertainment, ONE airs the latest Korean drama series, premiering just weeks after their debut broadcasts in Korea. An immensely popular channel in Singapore, ONE has reigned as one of the top three rated pay-TV channels since it first launched in 2011.

Pinocchio will premiere on 17 December on ONE, following the end of the current drama My Lovely Girl

Airing on every Wednesday and Thursday, 8.55pm (SG/MY) and 7.55pm (JKT).



The fourth season of this highly anticipated search for Korea’s next K-Pop star is back! With three experienced judges at the table, the contestants will have to bring their A-game in order to impress the judges. Through the judges’ mentoring and guidance, the contestants will fight it out to be the next top Korean singer!

Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment CEO. Producer, Singer), Park Jin Young (JYP Entertainment Executive Producer, Producer, Singer, Songwriter), Yoo Hee Yeol (Antenna Music Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Pianist)

Premieres 11 December 2014, every Thursday at 11.45pm/10.45pm(JKT)
Repeats every Friday at 3.05pm/2.05pm(JKT),
and every Sunday at 3.00pm/2.00pm(JKT)

sjm guesthouse poster (Korean)

Super Junior M’s Guest House

This brand new variety program will feature popular K-Pop group Super Junior M, with seven of its members taking on different roles as the main hosts. The show will have the members turn into Korean tour guides, bringing their Chinese fans on a trip around Korea. The members will be showcasing the best of Korea to the Chinese tourists and not to mention, having loads of fun together.

Starring: Lee Dong Hae, Kyu Hyun, Eun Hyuk, Sung Min, Ryeo Wook, Henry, Zhou Mi

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Dong Hae - Cast

Dong Hae will be leading his tour with a summer theme, bringing his fans to the best places to visit during Korea’s summer season. Also he will be incorporating leisure and sports into his itinerary, playing water activities to cool down in the hot summer weather.

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Eun Hyuk - Cast

Eun Hyuk’s trip will be a low-budget trip spending only 99,000 won. He will be focusing on having an enjoyable time with his fans even while on a budget, showcasing the cheapest places to go to experience the best of Korea.

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Henry - Cast

Henry’s theme is the complete opposite of Eun Hyuk; his trip will have a 990,000 won budget. He will be bringing his fans to the most luxurious places, from beauty, food and shopping in Korea that will truly leave his group in awe.

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Kyu Hyun - Cast

Kyu Hyun will be bringing his group for night activities, soaking in the beautiful evening scenery. His trip will be more relaxed and slow-paced, allowing his fans to take their time to enjoy what he has prepared.

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Ryeo Wook - Cast

Ryeo Wook’s theme will be green, mainly focusing on health foods like vegetables. He will be bringing his group on a healthy trip around Korea to have a taste of delicious yet healthy dishes.

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Sung Min - Cast

Sung Min will be showing his fans the true side of Korean cuisine – hot and spicy dishes that are representative of Korean dishes. He will be turning up the heat in his trip, letting his group have a taste of the tongue-numbing Korean taste.

Super Junior Ms Guest House - Zhou Mi - Cast

Zhou Mi is the universal translator of the group. Being proficient in both mandarin and Korean, he will be able to converse with his fans with ease. He is also the go-to person if ever the team needs tips and recommendations to visit Korea’s best restaurants.

Premieres 14 December 2014, every Sunday at 4.45pm/3.45pm(JKT)
Repeats every Saturday at 7.15am/6.15am(JKT)

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