“One Day” Movie Premiere in Jakarta: a Fun Day with Ter and Mew

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The casts of movie “One Day” enjoyed a fun day with Jakarta fans

Jakarta was one of the chosen cities to be part of Thai box office premiere of movie “One Day”. This time, Banjong Pisanthanakun, Ter Chantavit and Mew Nittha went to CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia Mall to meet their fans at the movie premiere.

The fans were so excited to see the director and artists, since this is Banjong and Ter’s first visit to Jakarta. Fans from various fanbases were there shouting Ter and Mew’s names till the movie started.

The movie is about a geeky 30-year-old IT officer named Denchai, whose existence is only acknowledged when technical support was required. Denchai’s mundane world was flipped when he met Nui from the Marketing department. Denchai only wished for Nui to be his girl for a “one day”. During a company trip, Nui had an accident and woke up with a temporary memory loss, which would last for “one day”. This was when Denchai decided to lie to about being her boyfriend, and that they had plans to travel around Hokkaido together.

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The movie was directed by Banjong, a famous Thai movie director who was also the man behind 4Bia, Hello Stranger and Pee Mak. In this project, Ter not also act as the main role but also write the scenario. “There are some personal experiences that I wrote into the story”, said Ter in the warm press conference.


The talented and experienced actor, Ter, acted with the famous TV star Mew. This is her first movie. “I am very happy to be a part of this movie and I am very excited to work with Banjong. I said to myself that I’ll do my best for this movie”, said Mew with joy.

It has been the third week since One Day was released in Thailand. The director said that he hope Indonesian fans will also love the movie as much as the Thai does. The movie will be released for Indonesian public in CGV Blitz and Cinemaxx on September 21st. So, are you guys excited to be part of this movie? Stay tuned for more info.

Article: Erdhio

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