Oh Ji Ho talks about ghosts for his drama Cheo Yong: The Paranomal Detective

Cheo Yong  character Oh Ji Ho

Cheo Yong: The Paranomal Detective is a fantasy crime drama starring Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Eun and Secret’s Jun Hyo Seong, marking her first acting debut. The drama is about a detective, Cheo Yong, who possesses supernatural abilities to see and hear ghosts. Good news for K-drama fans: Cheo Yong: The Paranomal Detective is currently airing on Thrill (StarHub Cable TV Channel 618 and SingTel mioTV Channel 415), every Thursday at 10pm.

In our 3-part interview series, we will first be sharing the main lead – Oh Ji Ho’s interview where he talks about his role as Cheo Yong and his thoughts about ghosts.


  1. Why did you take this project? Which part of it interests you the most?
    O: I always wanted to play the role of a detective. And having a special ability to see ghosts to solve cases sounded very interesting.
  2. In what ways are you and Cheo Yong alike? Do you identify with your character?
    O: He’s a little rough but he has his soft side.
  3. Do you believe in ghosts?
    O: Yes, I do. But that’s another dimension.
  4. If given an opportunity, would you like to get a chance to be able to speak or communicate with the paranormal? Have you ever experienced anything involving ghost or the paranormal?
    O: Yes, I’d like to do that. It sounds like fun.
  5. What was the scariest scene for you when filming Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective? Did you have any paranormal encounters on set?
    O: We had many scenes that we had to shoot at night so it was scary when we were in the woods. It felt like a ghost might appear.
  6. Cheo Yong has a drastic change after he caused the death of his partner, and decided to become an ordinary policeman. Did you need a lot of time to get into the emotion of the character?
    O: Every actor must invest a lot of time to get into their characters. I always try my best to be as real as possible.
  7. How did you prepare for this character, Cheo Yong, who is able to see ghosts? How did you get yourself ready to be the anti-social and moody character of Cheo Yong? Did you get any inspiration from any movies or films?
    O: I practiced some stunt acting. I don’t get inspiration from other movies. I always focus on the script.
  8. There are quite a lot of fighting scenes in this drama. Did you find it difficult? Did you get injured when shooting the actions scenes?
    O: One always gets a little injured while shooting. Your hand, your shoulder or back. But that’s what action scenes are all about.
  9. Did you experience anything memorable while filming that you can share with us?
    O: I cherish each and every scene.cheoyong2
  10. What was the chemistry like between you, Oh Ji En and Jun Hyo Seong on set?
    O: They’re like my little sisters so I tried to accommodate them as much as possible.
  11. This is Hyosung’s acting debut. What did you think of her performance in the drama?
    O: I think she’s good in acting emotional scenes.
  12. The biggest challenge in this drama?
    O: The fact that I had to express my thoughts about ghosts as real as possible in every episode.
  13. Are you a fan of horror movies or novels?
    O: I loved erotic thrillers when I was younger.
  14. It seemed like the viewers in Korea enjoyed the show when it aired a few weeks ago. What do you think is the appeal of this drama that attracts people to it the most?
    O: I think they like the new and unique theme about solving cases with a ghost.
  15. Apart from “Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective”, there seems to have been a recent surge of interest in supernatural and science fiction based themes among Korean dramas, such as “You Came From The Stars”, “Nine: Time Travelling Nine Times” etc. What do you think causes an interest in such themes? How do you think the audiences are taking to it? How is Cheo Yong different from others in the same genre?
    O: Korea makes many different genres of tv shows. And the audience seems to get more and more interested in supernatural themes. So they want more of it. But I think you can never leave melodrama out.
  16. You have tried a lot of different roles over the years. Are there any roles that you would like to try?
    O: I hope “Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective” will be successful and go for a second season. And I also love to play a villain.
  17. How you compare your role in “The Queen of Office” which is more comedic than your role in “Cheo Yong”? Which one do you prefer to play, comedic-romantic role or mysterious-serious role?
    O: I like both of them. I want to show the audience as many sides of my acting as I can.cheoyong3
  18. What other projects are you currently working on?
    O: I’m currently shooting the romantic comedy “Cheeky Girl, Fussy Guy.”
  19. You have previously worked with Hong Kong actress Shu Qi for the movie “My Wife Is a Gangster 3”. Are you looking forward to working with other foreign (Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.) actresses, actors, or even directors? Any names in mind?
    O: I can’t come up with one right now but I’d love to work with a Chinese actor or actress.
  20. How did you get into the business of acting? Having been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, which drama or movie would you consider to be your best production to date? Why?
    O: I started my acting career because I always dreamed of being in movies. I think my best one is “The Slave Hunters.” In terms of the character, the story and cast, everything was good.
  21. Many Korean artists are exploring the overseas market over the couple of years. Do you have any plans for that? Where would you like to go and who would you like to work with?
    O: I’d undoubtedly go for it if I’m given the opportunity. Just thinking of going for a new challenge makes me excited.
  22. After your debut in 1998, how has the entertainment industry changed in your opinion?
    O: It’s been a while since then. We have better actors, directors and works too. Korea also has a higher status in the industry now. I’m proud of it and I’d love to continue contributing to it.
  23. Have you ever been to Hong Kong? If yes, what was your impression? Which Hong Kong actor or director would you like to work with?
    O: Of course, I’ve been to Hong Kong. I grew up watching Hong Kong movies. I’d love to work with good actors, actresses and directors from there.
  24. You have been to Singapore many times, both for work and personal trips. Is Singapore considered to be the place you have been to the most in recent years? What are your favourite spots in Singapore? What is your favourite food in Singapore? What are the things you like to buy in Singapore? What is your impression of Singapore fans? Any special or memorable incidents?
    O: The weather is lovely as well as the people. I love everything about it. The strong coffee was my favorite. I’d love to have a cup of it again. I’m always thankful to my fans and I appreciate their fervent love and support. I hope to meet them with good dramas and movies, and I wish you all good health. I love you, guys.

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Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective premieres first and exclusively on Thrill (StarHub Cable TV Channel 618 and SingTel mioTV Channel 415) starting 20 March (every Thursday) at 10pm.  

Image credits: Thrill

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