[Foodie Friday] Fancy some Creamsicles at Neh Neh Pop?!

neh neh pop

Back again with another cheekily named pop shop, Bjorn Shen has aptly christened his new eatery ‘Neh Neh Pop’ that will be replacing his Overdoughs bread stand along Middle Road here in sunny little Singapore.

Shen has been renowned for his curiously funky creations of ice cream sundaes at Bird Bird, as well as his spontaneous, distinct cooking style where anything can be created in the heat of the moment. This new definition of pop, ceremoniously dubbed ‘creamisicles’ will be bursting full of flavor, and presents unique concepts of popsicles and ice cream all rolled into one.

Here are some flavours to look out for when stopping by his restaurant!

Rocky Road
Rocky Road

When selling ice cream, Rocky Road is a classic flavor that will get all the chocolate lovers scrambling for their wallets. Filled with all the typical candies, this milk flavored pop encapsules toasted almonds and marshmallows in a dark chocolate casing sprinkled with fruity pebbles and M&Ms.

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Sticky Rice

By now, we should already be accustomed to Shen’s love for thai food (hence his pop-up eatery called Bird Bird featuring Thai cuisine). So here is a pop that reflects a classic dish from Thailand – Mango Sticky Rice. Fresh mango chunks within coconut rice pudding ice-cream dipped in white chocolate sounds absolutely heavenly. Not to forget the sprinkles of toasted coconut flakes and rice crispies to complete the crunch that adds to the eating experience!

Strawberry pocky
Strawberry Pockie

Meet Strawberry Pockie, a pop designed for the little kid in us. A childhood snack that everyone loves, this pop allows you to enjoy the flavours in a refreshing way as the sun beats down on you. Strawberry Pockie is just strawberry ripple ice cream encased in white chocolate dip and sprinkled with crushed strawberry Pocky.

Baklava Pop
Baklava Pop

Finally we have the Baklava Pop that caters to a more adventurous taste bud. With this pop revolving around Middle Eastern flavours, try this one for something new and out-of-the-ordinary! The sweet pastry chunks mixed in with orange blossom ice-cream is finished off with a dark chocolate dip and sweet nut dukkah for an authentic taste.

Just the thought of these creamsicles are making me salivate, so don’t hold yourself back and head to Neh Neh Pop soon to get a lick!

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Find Neh Neh Pop just outside Artichoke at 161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square, Singapore 188978.

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Images courtesy of Neh Neh Pop’s instagram account

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