NCT 127 Heated Up Singapore With Their “Hot”-ness At NEO CITY: THE LINK In Singapore

After almost 3 years, the popular South Korean boyband NCT 127 returned to Singapore’s shores with a bomb last evening during their ‘NCT 127 2ND TOUR NEO CITY: SINGAPORE – THE LINK’.

NCT 127 performed songs mainly from their most recent comeback album and single ‘Sticker’ but not forgetting hits like ‘Favorite’, ‘Cherry Bomb’ and ‘Simon Says’.

Starting the concert with VCR, the crowd lifted their lightsticks up high and screamed enthusiastically awaiting their idols. The volume heightened when Yuta appeared on screen, noting his absence after testing positive for COVID-19.

The crowd soared when NCT 127 opened the concert with ‘Kick It’, starting the energy hyped and “hot!”, as claimed by the members many times during the concert.

The performance smoothly transitioned to energetic tracks like ‘Lemonade’, ‘Simon Says’, ‘Elevator’ and ‘Dreamer’. Other songs that made the crowd dance lively were ‘Bring The Noize’ and ‘Highway to Heaven’.

Each member introduced themselves, talked about their emotions and said how stoked they were to finally be back in Singapore. The members had brought up eating chilli crab the day before the concert, expressing their love for it. They even asked everyone to scream “chilli crab!” during the group photo-taking.

We were brought to memory lane when the group performed ‘Paradise’, ‘Touch’ and ‘Back 2 U’. The vibe was amazing listening to the crowd sing along loudly to the lyrics.

One of the highlights of the show was when Taeyong caught everyone off guard when he suddenly danced topless during his solo stage for ‘Moonlight’. And if that wasn’t the end of it, Johnny gave everyone a tease, moving smoothly with just a purple, silky robe for his. Czennies (fandom name) clearly enjoyed themselves judging by the loud gasp and high screams heard following the stunning performances.

Members Taeil and Haechan performed ‘Love Sign’ beautifully showing their great vocals while Mark and Taeyong rocked their performance of ‘The Himalayas’. Everyone was mesmerised as they continuously cheered, bopped and swayed to the beat of each performance.

On a sweeter note towards the end, the screens flashed to each member’s handwritten letter to show gratitude to their fans accompanied by their respective voiceovers. Hearing them read the letters to the fans definitely made the moment more heartfelt.

Taeyong slipped on a potential comeback and asked Czennies to expect them again very soon.

They finished the concert off with an encore, singing their final songs of the night with ‘Dreams Come True’ and ‘Promise You’. It was a bittersweet goodbye for now, as the boys promised it is not the last and hoped to come back to Singapore again.

Article by: Izzati
Official Photos: ONE Production Singapore

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