NCT127 lights up Singapore as their last Neo City

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To the world, we are NCT! Following their performance at Singapore’s inaugural HallyuPopFest back in 2018, NCT127 has returned for a full-fledged solo concert titled ‘NEO CITY – The Origin’ in Singapore. With Singapore as their final stop of their first world tour, it was no surprise to see many eager NCTzens gathered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, bursting with excitement.

Known for their futuristic music and powerful stage presence, the boys kicked off their stage with their hit song “Cherry Bomb”, making a statement that they were indeed, the biggest hit on stage. Following which, the group then performed “Come Back”, “Limitless” and “Chain” which was literally the full throttle, radiating the lose-yourself and high-energy that fueled NCTzens.

As the boys took turns to greet and introduce themselves to the crowd, Johnny then led everyone present into doing a crowd wave, much like Singapore’s very own Kallang Wave during the annual National Day Parades.  

Moving on to show a softer side to themselves for their fans, the group then serenaded their fans with “City 127”, “Angel” and “Jet Lag”, which was accompanied by romantic orange, purple and blue stage lighting, setting the perfect mood to fall deep in love with their sultry vocals.

Changing into red suits, the boys then moved to the extended stage to perform “Regular” and “Wake Up”, displaying their on-point vocals and perfectly-mastered choreography.

NCT127, the all-rounded stars that they are

Giving each member their time to shine, fans were treated with special cross-over as the rappers, vocalists and dancers then took turns to perform their stages. Kicking off the unit stages, Johnny had his solo segment charismatically playing the piano. Following which, Haechan, Yuta and Jungwoo then dominated the stage with their powerful dance break. And last but not least, fans got to see Taeil, Doyoung and Jaehyun performing ‘Timeless’ with their soulful voices and the charismatic track ‘Mad City’ by Mark and Taeyong, showing the versatileness of the members.

Performing their final few songs, bass-heavy tracks “Firetruck” and “Simon Says” nearly tore off Singapore Indoor Stadium’s roof as the crowd then belted out the infectious choruses over a sea of bright green light sticks held aloft.

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With the usual “Encore” chant, the boys came back decked in shining outfits, performing their recent comeback “Superhuman” from their 4th mini album ‘We Are Superhuman’, which debuted at No. 1 on World Albums on Billboard. Giving a final treat to their Singapore fans, the boys then challenged one another into a sexy pose competition which (Spoiler alert!) involved pouring water onto themselves. Mmm.

‘NEO City – The Origin’: 10 countries, 26 different cities and 37 shows

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Doyoung: (Getting teary) All I want to say is how thankful I am to my fans for giving us the tremendous support.

Jungwoo: (Getting teary) We will continue to work really hard to bring you better stages, better shows and better concerts.

Taeil: We have finally come to the end of our ‘NEO CITY – The Origin’ tour. I cannot believe that its already approaching the end. NCTzens, I love you so much.

Yuta: What kept us going was your support and never-ending cheers. I want to thank NCTzens for making this tour happen.

Taeyong: Everyone, you know how much we love you right?

Jaehyun: Together, we can create that happiest moment together. We are going to make more memories so please wait for us the next time.

Mark: This tour has been really special for us. We get to meet new fans, new people and learn new things. This tour would not have been possible without NCTzens.

Haechan: This marks the end of our ‘NEO CITY – The Origin’ tour.  I was injured at the beginning of the tour and I felt so apologetic for it. I thought I was being a burden to my brothers. We went through so much together, but I want to say how thankful I am to my members for being so supportive.

Ending off the show, the boys performed “Summer 127” and “0 Mile”, marking the end of NCT127 first world tour in Singapore, “NEO CITY – The Origin”. The nine members did not disappoint one bit with a breathtaking thrill ride of a concert that showcased the polished super stars that they are – slick production, visuals, dance routines and immense vocals.

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

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