[INTERVIEW] Namewee shares about his sold-out Taipei concert & upcoming Singapore concert

Namewee reveals special guest for Singapore concert and more!

It’s less than 2 weeks to Malaysian online personality turned star Namewee (黄明志)’s concert, Namewee 4896 World Tour here in Singapore. Namewee has recently completed his Taipei concert, which is also his first stop, and KAvenyou got the opportunity to have an interview with the talented singer-songwriter to find out more about his concert tour.

1) You recently finished your Taipei concert, which was fully sold out! How did it feel?

Namewee: I’m very happy that my Taipei concert was sold out, but I also felt apologetic and regretful. As there were no seats, people were packed uncomfortably together with little maneuvering space or adjourn to the washroom, which I felt sorry for seeing them in such conditions. I hope that if I have a chance to hold a concert in Taipei next time, I will do it on a bigger scale; at a larger and more comfortable seated venue. As Taipei is my first stop, the fans were the first ones to support me, and I hope that I can repay them appropriately for their support.

黄明志: 我很开心在台北办的concert sold out, 但我也觉得有点抱歉和很遗憾。因为在台北的那场没有位子坐所以大家挤得很辛苦很严重又没有办法移动和上厕所,我看到他们这样我觉得有点抱歉。我希望下一次如果有机会在台北办的话,我会办大场一点;在更大,更舒服,有位子坐的场地。因为台北是我的第一场,他们是第一个支持我的人,我希望有一天好好的报答他们。

2) You have written many songs that became hits not only on YouTube, but also in karaokes. What is your favourite song till date?

Namewee: Every song were very important to me, as they all convey different meanings. As such, I do not have a particular favourite. Every song forms a part of my life, and were all like my children. Although people may not be familiar with some of the songs, I hope that everyone will go and listen to them. I wrote each song painstakingly, and I will do my best to produce the best.

黄明志: 我觉得每一首歌都是我很重要的歌因为每一首都要表达不同的东西。所以我没有最喜欢的。我觉得每首歌都是生命的一部分,都好像是我的孩子。虽然大家可能对一些歌不熟,但我希望大家都会听。我每首歌是拿生命来写,然后都是很尽力的把每首歌做好。

3) Is there anything different to expect at Singapore’s concert?

Namewee: I’m expecting many Malaysians to come over and watch my concert, but I’m hoping that there could be even more Singapore fans watching as well; as I hope that my songs can be known by and shared with more people. For the turnout ratio, I’m hoping very much that there would be more Singapore fans who would come and support me.

黄明志: 我是 expect 有很多 Malaysian 会来看可是我更希望有更多新加坡的朋友来看。因为我希望我的歌可以让更多人知道,让更多人可以分享。所以在人的比例上面,我是很希望可以有多一点新加坡的粉丝来支持。

4) What do you have to say to both local and overseas fans who will be coming down to watch your Singapore concert?

Namewee: I’m very thankful to my Singapore fans as well as overseas fans who would come all the way here to support my concert; this includes fans from Malaysia and other countries. I had seldom come to Singapore to perform, and this is my first time holding a concert around this region, so I’m very thankful they are coming to support my first concert here. They are my first fans to come support me performing at this region, and to me this is very important. I hope I can put on a brilliant show to thank my fans.

黄明志: 我很感谢新加坡的粉丝还有从外国来到新加坡这么远来支持我的演唱会的粉丝;这包括来自Malaysia 跟其他地方的朋友。我平时很少到新加坡去演出,这次是我第一次在新马地区办concert。所以很感谢他们第一个就来支持。他们是我第一批来到新马地区支持的fans。我觉得这个对我很重要因为他们是第一批。通常我们都说我们做一件事情,第一批支持的人是最重要的。我希望我可以带来完美的演出来回报他们。

5) Can you reveal more about the special guests (besides them having collaborated with him before)?

Namewee: I invited Boon Hui Lu to be the special guest this time round. She performed a cover of my song “漂向北方” and posted it online, which has hit almost 40 million views. The first reason I invited her was because she’s a Singapore singer. She’s also very talented, and I feel that she would become a superstar in the future, so I’m taking this opportunity to invite her before her appearance fees becomes too expensive. I hope I can perform “漂向北方” with her for my Singapore fans. I feel that this would be very meaningful as this song was written by a Malaysian, but a Singaporean cover went viral, so I hope this Singaporean-Malaysian collaboration can give everyone a pleasant surprise.

黄明志: 我邀请了文慧如来担任这次的special guest。她在网络翻唱了我的《漂向北方》,点阅率要破4千万了。我请她来的第一个原因是因为她是新加坡歌手,她也很有才华,我觉得她是未来的巨星所以趁她还没有变成巨星的时候请她来可能没有那么贵。我希望可以和她一起唱这首《漂向北方》给新加坡的朋友。我觉这个很有意义因为这首歌是来自马来西亚人写的然后新加坡人翻唱也爆红。所以希望有个新马的合作能给大家一个惊喜。

KAvenyou would like to thank Namewee for taking time out for this interview, and do catch him at his first ever concert in Singapore if you have not purchased your tickets – limited tickets are still available!

Event Details

Name: Namewee 黄明志 4896 World Tour in Singapore
Date: 3 February 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 8PM
Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
Ticket Prices: $168 (VIP*), $128, $98, $88 (excludes APACTix Booking Fee)
*Each VIP ticket holder will be entitled to a Solo Photo with Namewee at the exclusive Meet & Greet after the concert. For more details, please refer to Mode Productions Facebook: facebook.com/modepdt
Ticketing Link: http://bit.ly/namewee4896sg
Tickets are available at APACTix and All SingPost outlets.

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