[Foodie Friday] Eat the same Pyongyang Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles) as Yoo Si Jin!

After watching episodes 13 and 14 of Descendants Of The Sun, I’ve been craving for naengmyeon (cold noodles)! Naengmyeon is my favourite Korean dish during the sweltering hot Korean summers, and although I’ve had that dish countless of times in Korea, I don’t think I’ve tried Pyongyang Naengmyeon before.

dots-nk-naengmyeonAlthough you probably won’t get to try the supposedly-famous Okryugwan naengmyeon (which really exists but isn’t from Koryo Hotel) unless you’re travelling to North Korea, KAvenyou has found the naengmyeon restaurant that is one of the filming locations for the drama!

Good news is: The Pyongyang naengmyeon restaurant is in Seoul! No need to worry about risking your life to try the same bowl of cold noodles that Yoo Si Jin and the special forces have tried before too. It’s in Yeouido – so you can hop over to the KBS Building nearby and snap a photos with the Yoo Si Jin standees as well!


This is apparently the same restaurant that they went to:

Image credits: 맛남

Although the tables and the arrangement looks different now, but the backdrop and the windows are the same. (and probably the utensils they used too…)

The restaurant, Jung In Myun Ok (정인면옥) serves their signature Pyongyang naengmyeon at 9,000 won currently, but seeing the popularity of the drama, the prices will even further increase. (It used to be 8,000 won a month ago!)

Mul naengmyeon (Photo credits: @gomdolgoon)
Bibim naengmyeon (Photo credits: @coffee_sb)

There are two types of naengmyeon – one being mul naengmyeon (cold noodles in cold broth), and the other being bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles).

I am not sure which way of eating Pyongyang naengmyeon is nicer – North Korean commander Ahn Jung Jun’s recommendation of smearing the mustard directly on the noodles, or the waitress’ tip of sprinkling vinegar over the noodles, and then adding mustard to the broth for more flavour.


Jung In Myun Ok (정인면옥)
Seoul, Youngdeungpo-gu, Yeouido-dong 13-1,
The Korea Baptist Convention Building Level 1

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