[MYTM] Travel Busan with a local – A Miami and Korea friendship

Make Your Tour Mate (MYTM): “After the tour, I became a friend of Jason and Jessy!”


23 May 2017, Busan – In recent years, South Korea has been at the heart of global focus. The wealth of culture absorbed the world like a whirlpool that appeared out of nowhere. Young South Koreans stepped up to show that they are ready to take on the world, and Make Your Tour Mate (MYTM) provided these young Koreans a platform to meet new friends from around the world. At the same time, these travellers from around the world benefits from having a taste of the real Korea.

KAvenyou is glad to collaborate with MYTM (http://tourmatekorea.kr/) to bring some of these stories and experiences to our readers, and of course nothing beats experiencing it by yourself when you have the chance to visit the mecca of Korean Pop culture.

Jeongmin was a new guide at MYTM, and hosted 2 travelers Jessy and Jason in Busan. If you only have a day, check out their itinerary; or better reach out to Jeongmin to bring you around Busan. For a start, you can visit the numerous Tourist Information Centres at most major tourist spots in Korea. In this case, Jeongmin collected some maps and brochures for her tour mates at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) road.

mytm-The rooftop park in Lotte

World Largest Indoor Fountain

The group visited the Lotte Department Store, which showcased the largest indoor fountain show in the world; as featured in the Guinness Book of Records. Jessy is a trained lawyer, who was in search of a job in Korea; while Jason was on a business trip to Korea. Apart from the spectacular fountain show, the highlight was the night view from the rooftop of the departmental store; which offered a breathtaking view of the whole of Busan. The feeling was as if one was skydiving, as described by Jason.

No advertisements here, but no Korea tour would be complete without a sumptuous Korean BBQ dinner. The Koreans were available to showcase the proper way of how Koreans would “inhale” their pork belly.

mytm-Pork Belly

Hotteok at Nampodong

If you think BBQ is the end, the group visited Nampodong for the famous street snacks that Busan has to offer. The most famous being Hotteok, which is a Korean pancake filled with nuts.

MYTM-Korean pancake

Fresh Seafood at Jagalchi Fish Market

Although the tour ended officially, Jessy and Jeongmin became friends; and they continued their unofficial tour at the famed Jagalchi Market. We will showcase the fishes, but for a real taste of the ocean around Busan; you will have to visit and try it out yourself. One will be spoiled for choice at the fish market, and the live seafood will be prepared immediately for consumption on the 2nd floor of the market.

mytm-Jagalchi Market

This is just one of the many experiences you can get, but we will leave you to explore more. Look forward to the next unique tour story from our friends at MYTM.

Please do not copy any of these content without the permission from KAvenyou or MYTM.

Story by: Jeongmin Lee via Meet Your Tour Mate (MYTM)

Edited by: James @ KAvenyou

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