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Time travelers from modern times of Daegu


9 August 2017, Daegu – In recent years, South Korea has been at the heart of global focus. The wealth of culture absorbed the world like a whirlpool that appeared out of nowhere. Young South Koreans stepped up to show that they are ready to take on the world, and Make Your Tour Mate (MYTM) provided these young Koreans a platform to meet new friends from around the world. At the same time, these travellers from around the world benefits from having a taste of the real Korea.

KAvenyou is glad to collaborate with MYTM (http://tourmatekorea.kr/) to bring some of these stories and experiences to our readers, and of course nothing beats experiencing it by yourself when you have the chance to visit the mecca of Korean Pop culture.

Jeffrey is a travel host at MYTM, and he shares his experience bringing his tourmate – Arno from Belgium through experiencing the historic culture and modern fusion in Daegu.

Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine


Daegu has been famous for oriental medicines since Chosun dynasty, which was the last monarchy in Korean history. There still exists a special street in the central part of Daegu, that deals specially in the selling and experiencing of oriental medicines. Jeffrey and Arno experienced the healing of having a medicinal foot-bath. If a foot-bath is not enough for you, you can always make your own lip balm and bring home a souvenir.

Old House of Korean Poet and Modern Culture Experience Center Gyesan Yega


The Gyesan Yega is a modern experience and exhibition center. It is located next to the old house of Lee Sang Hwa and Seo Sang Don. Gyesan Yega features exhibits and videos related to modern culture. The Screening Room shows a video regarding the lives of artists who stayed in Gyesan-dong and other related stories. The Exhibition Room features videos and chronological table that shows the history from the Daehan Empire to Japanese oppression, Korean independence, the Korean War and the industrialization era. Immerse yourself in history, by renting yourself some traditional Korean costume like Jeffrey and Arno; while hopefully you are lucky enough to meet kind souls to explain more history to you during your visit.

Jin Golmok and 3-1 Resistance Street



Jin Golmok is an old Alley located near Daegu’s downtown where you can feel the situation of the 1950s in Daegu. A nice stroll through history is always a welcoming experience. The group iso enjoyed a hearty Korean meal, followed by modern beverages along the way.

This is just one of the many experiences you can get, but we will leave you to explore more. Look forward to the next unique tour story from our friends at MYTM.

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Story by: Woojin Lee via Meet Your Tour Mate (MYTM)

Edited by: James @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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