MyName party it up in Paris to wrap up their Europe tour


Though MyName is already 5 years old, they recently toured Europe for the first time and made it a true party for their fan. Unfortunately, KAvenyou couldn’t take pictures during the show. But we are happy to share our review on this great show!

MyName’s Europe tour initially included Poland, Romania, UK and France. Germany, Sweden, Spain and Portugal joined the list later on. Eight dates is already a pretty impressive Europe tour. As it is quite easy to travel inside Europe, it is also rare that one tour includes so many neighbours.
Though it led to a less international audience than for many K-Pop shows, it didn’t prevent MyName from gathering a wide number of MyGirls and MyBoys (their fans) in Paris.

During the concert, MyName showed that the experience accumulated in the past five years turned them into charismatic artists. Even if the Cabaret Sauvage didn’t allow for major stage effects, the group proved that they don’t actually need them to show a powerful performance. Their well-mastered choreography and communicative energy were more than enough for fans to enjoy the moment. They sang hit songs like Baby I’m Sorry, Too Very So Much, We are The Night, Message or Just Tell Me…

More than once, actually. It was MyName’s last show in Europe and it seemed like the members didn’t want the experience to finish so soon. The hyped-up french fans gave them a perfect opportunity to make the concert a bit longer. The happily cheered Chaejin, Gunwoo, Insoo, JunQ, Seyong up. Quite loudly, as shown on Seyong’s instagram.

French fans have been using this sample from Seven Nation Army as a celebration for years. And though gunwoo seemed a bit confused at first, MyName quickly jumped in the celebration. To the point that more than 20 minutes after announcing their last song, MyName was still on stage.
Despite their ability to have fun, the members seriously expressed their thankfulness towards European fans. Of course such a big tour can be tiring. But the energy from fans was enough for MyName to feel happy and energetic.

Especially, Insoo thanked international fans for loving a group with a different skin color, language and culture. The bound between artits and fans is often strong despite these differences. It was the case this time and European fans are now waiting for MyName to keep their promise to come back.

Article by Céline

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