Exclusive Interview with MXM LIM YOUNGMIN X KIM DONGHYUN!

The rising Brand New Music duo- Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun participated in the second season of the survival reality show Produce 101 and since then they gained a lot of attention. After the reality show ended, both of them debut as a project unit.

Even though MXM is a new debuting unit, however their 1 st mini album has already surpassed 30,000 copies in just pre-orders, they were even named as “Rising Stars” by Korean media, once again proving their popularity! Recently in MXM V-Live, more than 90,000 fans were watching their live broadcast!

KAvenyou was lucky enough to have a mini interview with the duo! Check out the questions below:

  1. Tell us more about your mini album <UNMIX>. What’s the concept of this mini album?

(KIM) It’s our debut EP album and it means that we do not want to be “mixed” with other groups and present our own unique colors in our own way.

  1. How do you feel after releasing your 1st mini album?

(LIM) We are so appreciative and thankful that people are enjoying our new song ‘I’M THE ONE’ and even the previous single ‘GOOD DADY’. It is really amazing and it motivates us to work harder

  1. Please tell us one thing that you like about each other.

(LIM) Dong Hyun is always sociable and friendly. He can get along with anybody.

(KIM) Young Min is always calm and stable at any situations

  1. Please tell us one thing that irritates you about each other.

(LIM) It is not irritating, but when Dong Hyun is not smiling, he looks quite cold.

(KIM) For me, it’s not irritating either, but sometimes Young Min does care about too many little things around him.

  1. What’s the impression that you both have towards Malaysia?

(LIM) We heard that it is sunny and a beautiful city. We really want to visit when we get a chance.

  1. Is there anything that you would like to try or do in Malaysia if there were an opportunity to come over?

(LIM) Definitely seeing the fans face to face, and personally thank them for all the love and support

  1. Lastly, please say something towards Malaysia’s fans!

(LIM KIM) We’ve heard that we are getting incredible amount of supports from you guys. We want to personally thank each one of you face to face. Please invite us! We will be waiting for the invitation! 

MXM 1 st Mini Album 《UNMIX》 is now available on all Malaysia’s streaming platform, followed by their physical releases. For more information, stay tuned to 「Warner Music Malaysia(Kpop/中文) 」Facebook page.

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