[COVERAGE] Model Irene Kim shares her thoughts about Singapore & some OOTD phototaking tips!

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Top Korean model Irene Kim was in Singapore last week to film M.U.S.T (My Unexpected Sweet Trip), a tvN travel programme, alongside with fellow model Cho Min Ho. If you have been following Irene’s adventures on her Instagram, you would have already known that she has visited Sentosa island, Universal Studios Singapore, Clarke Quay, Haji Lane, Gardens By The Bay and even Pulau Ubin!


KAvenyou managed to catch up with the lovely Irene during her short stay in Singapore at her house party, where she shared some fashion advice, what she has done so far in Singapore, travel hacks and also some OOTD photo taking tips with us!

What was Irene’s most memorable experience in Singapore so far?

Irene: Everything’s been so memorable! We went to Gardens By The Bay, and I’ve never seen anything like that! The indoor garden is just breathtaking. I thought that Singapore was like a concrete jungle and a busy financial hub,  but there’s just so much greenery here, so beautiful!

Irene posted on social media that she went to Haji Lane, and how was it there?

Irene: It kind of reminds me of Garosu-gil in Seoul, a shopping area which is really cosy and cute, and it looks like there are a lot of great restaurants and amazing shops. I also had this rose-infused milk tea – it was so good.


What are Irene’s favourite shopping haunts in Asia?

Irene: I really love Pedder On Scotts because I really love shoes and they have an amazing collection, I went crazy there trying on shoes! I don’t really get to shop around a lot when I’m in Asia as I’m travelling for work. I love shopping in Japan too, there’s a lot of vintage stores.

What does Irene usually wear off-duty / on relaxed days?

Irene: I dress very comfortably, very normal. I’ll be wearing jeans and t-shirts. On off-duty days, I always carry the same bag but people think I’m always dressed up and put together – but sometimes being put together is wearing the same thing, you don’t have to wear a different outfit everyday. Like if I’m into something, I’ll wear it like, 2-3 days in a row!


Does Irene have any travel hacks or tips to share?

Irene: I would say that to try and pack for every occasion, like for my job I’ll make sure that I have something dressy, the basics like a comfortable pair of sneakers, a good book and a good pair of jeans. I think starting with the basics first when you pack, and then adding fun things like accessories. I travel with a lot of sheet masks as it keeps my skin moisturised and less irritated.

Do you notice any different fashion styles when travelling to different countries to film for M.U.S.T?

Irene: Usually women in general love fashion and beauty products, so that’s what usually gets them interested in the shows that I’ve been doing. Places like Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, the weather is very hot so I’ve seen more summery looks. It’s kind of sad because you want to dress up in winter clothes so I feel bad, but I’ve seen them on window displays, so I’m wondering who buys them! I dress a lot more beachy in Bangkok and Singapore, like the LA girl style; but when I’m in New York I’m more professionally dressed.


As Irene often travels around the world, does she have any secret locations to recommend?

Irene: They wouldn’t be secret locations if I recommend it! (laughs) I always ask the locals and I always make sure that I do my research when I’m there and try not to go to the areas that are too touristy. For New York – I really love the SoHo area and Tribeca area as they’re a lot quieter, and for Paris, everywhere is amazing!

Does Irene have any OOTD photo taking tips?

Irene: It’s always about good lighting, I think natural lighting is the best. A nice background, one that is not too busy. And a nice smile, don’t be too serious about it!

What characteristics do an ideal travel partner should possess?

Irene: They definitely have to love trying new food and different types of food, because that’s one of the biggest things when travelling. I’m very active and I like to do outdoorsy things, so when I went to Pulau Ubin, I was so into it – when I saw the monkeys, I was like trying to be Jane and trying to talk to them! I love nature and I love being around nature, I think it’s also because in a way I live a very superficial lifestyle, so when I’m travelling, I love to experience things like the local culture and what’s really going on; because fashion, selfies and cute outfits aren’t everything. It’s the fun stuff, but there’s also more important things going on, so when I’m travelling, I’ll try to avoid the shopping areas because I really want to experience the culture, but then I get tempted. Especially when I’m in Southeast Asia, there’s many beautiful places, so why would I spend my time in a mall when I can do that anywhere else?


As the it-girl with many followers, does Irene have any tips for fans who want to dress like her?

Irene: Try as many looks as you can! I’ve always been very experimental because fashion is about having fun and not taking it too seriously. There were a lot of outfits in the past that was like “oh my gosh, what was I wearing?” and I’m sure people thought I was crazy, like my hair which is now my trademark. To start with basics – a good white t-shirt (it’s really hard to find one that fits you well!), high-waisted jeans, cropped jeans, or even a good pair of vintage Levis, high-waisted skinnies, motorcycle jacket and  classic coat. Even by just having the classic pieces and building from there is important – having a good foundation helps!

M.U.S.T – Singapore will premiere exclusively on tvN in Asia-Pacific on 3 November at 10:30 pm (GMT+8).

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: James @ KAvenyou & tvN Asia

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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