Social media personality Mong Chin shares about her love for all things Korean and dishes beauty advice

THEFACESHOP’s #EcoBeautySquad Campaign have launched a nationwide search for a new local star in Singapore, aiming to find a young personality who embodies the brand’s ethos of real and natural beauty. Applicants are called upon to let their natural beauty shine forth, demonstrating their inner strength and desire to be bold trendsetters, and the winner stands to receive a comprehensive Grand Prize package worth up to S$15,000.

Applicants have gone through several rounds of elimination, beginning with shortlisting of 100 participants who attended an online introductory session, followed by three thematic workshops, the first of such workshops to be held virtually in Singapore!

Popular social media personality Mong Chin (@mongabong) led the workshops where she mentored participants on techniques and strategies for success in the digital world. Each workshop focused on a specific topic, with elimination challenges to identify those who will proceed to the next level. In addition, the top three challenge winners from each workshop will receive exciting prizes. At the end of the workshops, 10 finalists will be selected to participate in a full-day finale event that will end with the announcement of the Grand Prize winner.

Mong Chin is also known to be an avid fan of different aspects of Korean culture, as seen on her social media posts. KAvenyou has gotten the opportunity to speak to Mong Chin, to find out more about her love for all things Korean, being a content creator, as well as her skincare regime and beauty tips.

Interview with Mong Chin (influencer insiders alert!)

KAvenyou: We understand that you learn Korean in your spare time and do Korea-related content on your platforms. What kind of K-fan would you consider yourself? For example, are you a K-pop fan, K-drama, K-culture, K-food, K-beauty, everything, or do you follow K-beauty just for the job demands and stay in-trend?

Mong Chin: I’m definitely a K-drama, K-culture, K-food and K-beauty fan! Can I say everything?? Not forgetting K-fashion and K-language HAHA. I sound so ridiculous but there’s just something alluring about their culture that I love.

40% sponsored, 60% organic. Many of the posts with brands tagged are actually non-sponsored content too! Simply sharing what I love. I have a schedule for posts that are going live for that day, and make sure not to over-crowd it. I typically post non-sponsored (organic) content in between the sponsored ones! 🙂

– Mong Chin on balancing between sponsored and organic content on her social handlers

Question: Being considerably still a newlywed, did anything change in terms of your skincare regime and makeup styles (e.g. become quicker with shared toilet time?)

Mong Chin: Haha! Honestly, no! I think the difference will come only when we have children of our own. Right now, it’s still very much the same! I wake up much earlier than my husband just so we don’t have to fight for the sink!

Question: There are contestants from the #EcoBeautySquad who are mothers. What kinds of tips will you be sharing with them in their daily skincare regimes, since time is often not on the side of mothers, where having 5 minutes for such “luxury” may seem far-fetched?

Mong Chin: Opt for multi-tasking products! The Yehwadam Revitalising Mist can double up as a toner, moisturizer and even a makeup refresher. Or having a lipstick that works well as both your blush and lip color! 

I’d say keep your routine to just 3 products! My favourite beauty product is definitely a concealer. Concealing just my undereyes will already do wonders to my otherwise, tired looking skin and face. Then, go in with a tinted lip balm, and if you have time, fill in those brows! These 3 steps should not take more than 5 mins!

– Mong Chin offering tips on looking good in front of the webcam

Question: Do you use THEFACESHOP products regularly, and which makeup products will you highly recommend since we can’t own everything? Are there any products for the cheatsheet that our readers should absolutely have?

Mong Chin: THEFACESHOP Ink Lasting Slim Fit foundation is my BEST of 2019 foundation (and this was way before I knew I was going to be working with THEFACESHOP, I actually purchased and repurchased this foundation myself!) I like the liquid version, the cushion version and even the powder in the Ink Lasting line.

The FMGT Signature Mono Multi Palette is also really compact and a very convenient palette to have! Apart from having a wide array of K-worthy eyeshadow colors with beautiful pigments, it also comes with a few blushers and even a contour shade in the palette!

For skincare, Dr Belmeur is really good if you have sensitive skin like me! The Cica Peptide ampoule is so good and very underrated. You can also try out the Advanced Cica Recovery cream.

Question: Are you going to do more Korea-related content in the future? Anything our readers should be looking forward to?

Mong Chin: Yes for sure! I’m currently taking Korean language classes and I plan to travel to Korea whenever the border restrictions are lifted. For now, it will be sharing my love for all things Korean through my latest K-drama reviews, recreating K-drama and K-pop looks. I will also be incorporating the latest Korean trends in my style and perhaps picking up more Korean recipes too!

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