MCND in Europe : the Ice Age turned into fire.

MCND in Paris

MCND (Music Creates New Dream) debuted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They held an offline debut showcase, but quickly had to adapt themselves to only promotions. In 2002, they went on a Europe tour where they performed in Paris on April, 15th. They finally got to meet their European Gems (fandom name).

MCND, a group under TOP Media, arrived to Paris on April, 14th and made sure to meet fans as early as possible. They took part in a fanmeeting at Kick Café, a parisian coffee store dedicated to K-Pop fans. The also joined a random play dance at the Eiffel Tower (organised by GoToe – an influencer, the Kick Café, and Impact). Impact, a dance crew that also performed during the group’s concert, was also involved. It proved their dedication to create memories with their fans, a goal they clearly expressed several times the next day.

The members also made you sure to enjoy what the french city has to offer. According to Castle J, one of the trip’s highlight was eating macarons and croissants.

MCND at Kick Café
Photo credit : Kick Café’s Twitter account

On the 15th, they performed at YOYO in front of a (very) full venue under the organization of Torpedo by Overlook

Despite the pandemic having affected the group’s opportunities to perform in front of fan as a live audience, the members already seem at ease as they start the concert with TOP GANG, their debut song. The tracklist flows easily, with some songs showcasing the group’s power while others prove their ability to be cute and youthful. Throughout the evening, they proved their versatility and that they have everything it takes to keep growing as artists.

Win of MCND

The five members played with the fans’ cameras, interact with Gems and made sure to showcase their individual charms. While Win and Castle J decided to rap, and Huijun to sing Acapella, Minjae and Bic, decided to respectively show their cute and sexy side, somewhat embarassing the other members. This display was meant to choose the best Prom King, even though fans had a hard time choosing a winner.

While the fans made sure to surprise the members with banners and glowsticks, the members also suprised fans by answering some questions and also by sending out paper planes with their own signatures. They also added covers to the show, including Ed Sheeran’s Shivers. During the song, the lyrics appeared on screen so that fans could sing along with the members.

Castle J in Paris

The concert’s tracklist included songs such as Cat Waltz, LOUDER, Stereotypes, Monvin’ and more. The song that stood out the most was ICE AGE. Fanchants could be heard louder than even MCND themselves. Unlike its name, the group’s most popular song on Spotify turned the venue into fire.

After singing Not Over, MCND left the stage to Impact, a dance cover group. They did their own rendition of the song as the members finally came back on stage. The dancers remained focus even as MCND started to sing along to the audio. The group also performed JUICE, a song for which they just released a video.

The members very clearly enjoyed their time on stage and the opportunity to meet fans. It was heartwarming to witness the genuine interactions between artists and fans. For a group like MCND who trained to be performers and not just singer, being able to show their skills on stage in front of fans might lead to a new step in their career. But no matter what, whenver MCND comes back to Europe, fans will be ready to welcome them.

KAvenyou would like to thank Torpedo by Overlook and TOP Media for having us at the concert.

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