Mark Chao (趙又廷) brings Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice (痞子英雄: 黎明再起) to Singapore


SINGAPORE, 1 OCTOBER 2014 – Taiwanese actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) and director Tsai Yuexun (蔡岳勋) were in town to promote their latest movie, Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice. (痞子英雄: 黎明再起) During a dialogue session organized by Y.E.S. 93.3, Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures, the duo shared with the Singapore audience their filming experiences.

Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice is the second movie based off the highly successful 痞子英雄 series. The drama had won Mark Chao the 最佳男主角 award at the 44th 金鐘獎. Following the success of the drama, its first movie prequel, 痞子英雄之全面開戰, hit the screens in 2012. The second series is now back with better and more powerful action scenes, featuring action direction by Jack Gill from the ‘Fast & Furious’ series and visual effects by French company BUF.

Mark Chao shared that throughout the filming of the movie, he was often placed in an “unsafe” position. While a double was engaged for the action scenes, he was often requested by the action director to personally perform those scenes. Chao quipped, “There was a double this time, but all he did was sit by the side and enjoy the meal box.”

He added that the director often spoke to him in a manner which made it hard for him to reject his requests. “He would ask in a gentle and caring manner. Like he’ll ask if you are hungry and want a burger. And that will turn into ‘I need you to jump down from the fourth floor later’.”


In addition to Mark Chao, who has been with the series since the drama, the audience would also see familiar faces like Janine Chang, Xiu Jiekai and Huang Bo in the movie. As for co-star Lin Gengxin (林更新), this is his first involvement in the Black & White series. Director Tsai revealed that Lin was casted under Chao’s recommendation, and that the interactions between their characters were actually inspired by Chao’s and Lin’s real-life interactions.

For fans who are hoping for another sequel in the 痞子英雄 series, you might be disappointed to know that Director Tsai has no plans for another film for this series. However, he was open to anyone who might be interested in filming ‘痞子英雄3’. He even suggested for Mark Chao to direct and act the next film, to which Mark replied “你看, 他又把我放在一個很不安的位置.” He then added that if he were to direct the next film, he would get Director Tsai to play his character, Wu Yingxiong. “I’ll get Director Tsai to play the role of Wu Yingxiong, and I’ll do my best to torture him. Everyone will get a double, except him.

Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice depicts how police officers Wu Yingxiong (Mark Chao) and Chen Zhen (Lin Gengxin) tracked down the masterminds behind a series of massive bombings. These bombings were a prelude to a greater conspiracy to spread a deadly virus across Harbour City, and it was up to this two men team to save the city.

Sneak previews start from 3rd – 6th October, and it would officially hit Singapore cinemas from 9th October.

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