Lovelinus to Lovelyz at Singapore concert – “Thank you for debuting”

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Korea to Singapore – Known for their cute and girl-next-door image, Woolim Entertainment’s first ever Girl Group – Lovelyz held their first ever concert here in Singapore last evening, charming the crowd with their lovely and cute performances and personalities.

Lovelyz kicked off their concert on a high with “Lost N Found” from their 5th mini album ‘SANCTUARY’; while screams and fan chants from Lovelinus (Lovelyz’s fans) filled Zepp@BigBox. As soon as the first song ended, Lovelyz introduced themselves, proving that they are a multi-talented girl group; as they greeted Singapore Lovelinus in English. The sight of them constantly trying to piece their thoughts together in English, brought much laughter to the fans; but the effort to communicate directly definitely won the hearts of Lovelinus present.

Before moving onto their second song of the night – Bebe, Lovelyz “demanded” Lovelinus to give them big smiles and cheer them on with their loud voices to give them energy; in which they did for the two hours showcase.

Apart from performing many of their hits such as “Ah-Choo”, “Hi~” and “Destiny”, there were a loads of interactive (we actually just meant talking) segments inserted throughout the concert. They even tried to engage Lovelinus in their performances by requesting for Lovelinus to wink at the members whenever they received an eye contact from them.

ASMR supper cooking stole the limelight through humour at Lovelyz 3 of Winter World

Lovelyz prepared a two-part ASMR video screened in between while the girls were changing their outfits. It showed them attempting to cook supper, while having to adhere to noise levels below 70 decibels. Punishments were met out for each breach, which led to the girls donning weird wigs and having their beautiful faces “decorated”. At the end, the girls were even made to perform ASMR versions of their hit songs.

As the concert came to a close, a birthday cake was brought on stage to celebrate Kei’s birthday (#HappyKeiDay). A fan-made video was also screened to thank Lovelyz for coming to Singapore, and for debuting; which moved the girls to tears.

Thank you for debuting

Lovelinus to Lovelyz, 2019

Before ending the night with the last song – “Good Night Like Yesterday”, Lovelyz told Singapore Lovelinus that they were glad to be able to finally meet their Singapore fans, and that their dream of meeting Lovelinus all over the world has been fulfilled; promising that they will try their best to return to Singapore again. They hope that Singapore Lovelinus will remain healthy till the day they return to Singapore.

Meanwhile prior to the concert, we sat down with the adorable members of Lovelyz for an interview. Watch the interview video below!

Article by Zander @ KAvenyou
Photography by Vanessa @ KAvenyou

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