5 Memorable Quotes From K-Drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”

With Korean drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” coming to an end with only a couple more episodes left, we have been following Gyehoon’s and Dahyun’s journey and in love with the duo’s chemistry. The drama also touches on heavier themes like childhood trauma and abandonment, with some scenes making us want to give the characters a big hug and comfort them.

Besides Gyehoon whipping up mouth-watering dishes onscreen, the show is also serving us some really memorable lines… that you’ll probably see us quoting over and over again even after the drama ends.

1) Sometimes, questions are more important than answers

Growing up, Gyehoon has been emotionally tormented by his parents for continuing to live a good life after his sister went missing, and he feels that he does not deserve happiness. Since then, nobody has asked Gyehoon about his feelings until he meets Dahyun. A simple “Is Eun Gyehoon alright?” actually holds a lot of weight to Gyehoon.

2) I’ll continue to make delicious food for you

We stan a man who confesses his love by saying he’ll make delicious food for you, instead of the usual “I love you”.

3) Once spring came into my life, it was spring in the world as well

This spring day scene is really beautiful, and we wish we are in love like them too.

4) People who live looking backward, not forward. Unresolved feelings, regrets and longing. They live with such feelings. Who they see before them is not me, but the people they left in their past.

These lines are sad, yet so relatable—even the happiest person you see in front of you may be hiding a dark secret, and in “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, each of the characters are not as they seem. The characters are facing unresolved trauma due to their past actions (or inaction), which continue to haunt them till present.

5) I wasn’t born for the dreams you weren’t able to achieve

“I want to make decisions by myself and be responsible for my own actions.”

Say it louder, Dahyun! Even Dahyun’s grandmother sneakily nodded to show her support to Dahyun when she was retorting to her own mother. Everyone has their own dreams, and we should not be criticized just because they do not conform to the norm.

Catch Korean drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” starring Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Gayoung, now streaming on Disney+.

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