[COVERAGE] Lee Joon Gi: ‘Thank You’ Asia Tour Media Conference in Singapore


Rising star Lee Joon Gi was in Singapore last weekend for HSBC Women’s Championships Music Festival. Joon Gi recently starred in the Korean remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. His role as the good but evil 4th prince stole the hearts of many who can’t help but fall in love with his intense gaze.

Speaking at his press conference, he said that he felt sorry he hasn’t come in a long time and in order to repay that, he looked forward to making memories with everyone during his time here. He even said that he would love to visit on a personal holiday with his family, naming places like Orchard Road and the Sentosa beach as places he would like to go.

He also let go of his usual serious and charismatic image that he employs when playing his characters in a drama which led to some moments like this:


His fan meeting tour was affectionately named “Thank You” and he agreed that he could not think of a better name to express his gratitude to his fans for their support. Known to be singing and dancing during his fan meetings, Joon Gi preferred dance songs to ballads because he feels that “it’s more dynamic” and he would like to “dance together with his fans”.

When asked about his recent Hollywood debut, he remarked that he still remained close with the director and crew. Although he felt embarrassed at himself, he would love to be offered more opportunities in future Hollywood films.

Lee Joon Gi was recently offered to appear in Korea’s remake of the U.S Television series, Criminal Minds. Let’s look forward to seeing him return to the screens again!

KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to UnUsUaL Entertainment for the media invitation.

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Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

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