Lee Chanhyuk (AKMU) Releases ‘Umbrella’ Featuring 14 Artists

Leechanhyukvideo’s project album ‘Umbrella’ was released at on the 28th June on various music platforms.

The title track of ‘Umbrella’ includes ‘Dance (Vocal. Se Hwi Shin),’ featuring actress
Se Hwi Shin as the vocalist, and ‘Simple words (Vocal. Lee Suhyun, Chang Kiha)’ sung by Lee Suhyun (AKMU) and Chang Kiha together.

These tracks are the remake song of Broccoli, you too’s ‘Dance’ and Oksu Sajinkwan’s ‘Simple words,’ but with Leechanhyukvideo’s unique arrangement, they emit a fresh charm.

In addition to these tracks, the album includes 12 tracks in total with various emotional pieces such as:

  1. Migration – Shin Bong Seon (Korean comedian)
  2. Way to the airport – Lee Seyoung (Korean actress)
  3. Fly Your Kite – Yim Si Wan (Member of ZE:A / Actor)
  4. Dance – Se Hwi Shin (Korean actress)
  5. The Moment You Want to Stay – Go Asung (Korean actress)
  6. You Don’t Have to Say Anything (I already know) – Seorina (Korean actress)
  7. I Lost My Umbrella For the First Time – Jang Yoon Ju (Korean model / actress)
  8. Romantico – HANRORO (Korean singer)
  9. Doremifasollatido – Chaeryong (Member of ITZY)
  10. Waltz of tears – Youngdae Ko, Seungwon Im (Korean YouTuber)
  11. Oh! What a Shiny Night – Kwak Yoongy (Korean short track speed skater)
  12. Simple words – Lee Suhyun (AKMU), Chang Kiha (Korean singer)

Leechanhyukvideo explained the meaning of the project album ‘Umbrella,’ saying
“A small umbrella that fills in as soon as I open to enter, small enough that I can’t invite no others or things, and hope that when I close, it stays closed with all the secrets that should be hidden from the world.” Expressing their wish that ‘Umbrella’ could provide comfort to the listeners.

The ‘Umbrella’ project by Leechanhyukvideo has collaborated with MF (Mystery Friends Studio), which specializes in domestic content production and marketing, and now also carries out global marketing. By taking part in the production of the ‘Umbrella’ project by Leechanhyukvideo, MF aims to actively drive the growth and promotion of K-pop artists both domestically and internationally.

‘Umbrella’ is an album that originated from the desire to find one’s own personal space when in need. In particular, Leechanhyukvideo is a group where you can experience Lee Chanhyuk’s true musician color through videos, visual artworks, performances, and exhibitions. The synergy created by Leechanhyukvideo and 14 artists together adds to the charm.

During the rainy season, Leechanhyukvideo ‘Umbrella’ will gently soak the listeners’ hearts.

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