Lee Seung Gi’s successful vagabond voyage to Singapore

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lee seung gi in singapore

Multi-talented South Korean Singer, Actor, Host and Entertainer Lee Seung Gi graced our shores last night with his amazing vocal skills and cute personality at the Vagabond Voyage in Singapore.

He opened the night belting out the high notes to Because You’re My Woman perfectly as fans erupted into loud cheers.

Lee Seung Gi was joined by an emcee as they moved onto the next segment of the show and Seung Gi even greeted Airens (Fandom Name) in Singlish.

He was able to also share more about himself and his thoughts on filming Vagabond during the fanmeet.

For a short three to four minute gunshot scene, Seung Gi mentioned that they had to rehearse for 6 hours before filming it. He added that compared to other dramas, Vagabond was really difficult to film due to the dangerous stunts and strenuous activities he had to go through.

In the second segment, Seung Gi showed off a bit of his cooking skills on stage as he prepared Korean style toasts for two lucky Airens.

Seung Gi kept adding more eggs into his omelette and wanted to secretly add even more salt when he already added a lot, what a cutie.

Seung Gi shared that he’s really good at cooking Tteokbokki (Spicy Korean Rice Cakes) and Galbi-jjim (Korean Style Braised Short Ribs) though.

Many lucky Airens went up close and personal with Seung Gi on stage throughout the fanmeet. He presented two lucky Airens with his handmade toast and played games with another 10 of them. Were you one of the lucky Airens?

Seung Gi then ended the fan meet with very energetic songs Smile Boy and Let’s Go On A Vacation and told Airens that he’ll work harder to bring better projects to the screens in the future.

Photography by: Jingwen @ KAvenyou

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