Lee Min Ho attended Tenwow Fruit Tea Series “Health & Beauty” Press Conference

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Event : Tenwow Fruit Tea Series “Healthy & Beauty” Press Conference
Guests : Mr. Lee Min Ho, Spokesperson of Tenwow Fruit Tea Series  Mr. Lin Jianhua, Chairman of Tenwow International Holdings Limited
Emcee : Ms. Rabee’a Yeung

Tenwow International Holdings Limited, a leading packaged food and beverage producer in China, is pleased to announce that the Company has invited Mr. Lee Min Ho, the Asia Superstar, as the spokesperson of Tenwow Fruit Tea Series. Lee Min Ho has attended the “Tenwow Fruit Tea Series “Healthy & Beauty” Press Conference” today.

Kids in bee, citron and honey pear costumes were invited by the Company in order to echo with the signature line of the advertising campaign of Tenwow Fruit Tea Series – “Honey Enhances Health; Citron Brings Beauty”. Lee Min Ho first appeared on the stage with his gorgeous smile and greeted the crowd in Cantonese. The kids, in the lovely costumes, kissed him in the cheeks which made everyone in the room screamed.

Ms. Rabee’a Yeung, the emcee of the event, discussed with Lee Min Ho on his views on health and beauty. “One should learn every day,” he mentioned, “Beauty does not simply mean an attractive physical appearance. Learning something, having a healthy life and enriching the temperament also contribute to true inner beauty which influence others.


During the press conference, Lee Min Ho also watched the Tenwow Fruit Tea Series TV commercial directed by renowned Korean Director MC Park together with all the attending guests. He showed both his placid and lively side as he read and boxed in the TVC. The crowd was clearly enchanted by the great charisma of him with the genuine and heartfelt characteristics.

Speaking of the collaboration, Mr. Lin Jianhua, Chairman of Tenwow International Holdings Limited commented, “We are delighted to have Lee Min Ho as the spokesperson of our Tenwow Fruit Tea Series. His healthful image tallies with the natural ingredients and refreshing taste of Tenwow Fruit Tea Series. We hope to further the motto ‘Healthy and Beauty’ of Tenwow Fruit Tea Series to the vast consumers.

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