LED Apple turn the heat up for their Hot Summer concert in Paris

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LED Apple in Paris

On August, 9th, LED Apple were in Paris for their Hot Summer concert at Divan du Monde (the same venue where Park Jung Min performed during his Europe tour earlier this year).

Even while queuing, fans were ready for the “hot summer”, as the french fanbase of the group had prepared cold drinks and snacks for the audience. And as you may have already guessed, the food they were handing out was… Apples of course !
This little touch of humour was a good hint at how the Hot Summer event would go: fun and relaxed.

For ticket holders, the evening starting with a meet and greet with LED Apple, where they could encourage the group, give gifts and take a picture with them. Seeing the members hiding behing their fans, making bunny hears behind their head and smiling brightly, it was easy to tell the love LEDAs have for their idols isn’t a one-sided love.

Hanbyul in Paris
Later, when the concert started and LED Apple appeared on stage, they were wearing simple white T-shirts with their logo and name on it. They don’t need to dress up to impress, their music is here to do the job! With their energetic instrumentals and steady vocals, they made fans dance and sing along for more than one hour and a half. Including on songs like “Where are you”, but also “Because of You”, a song that will be on their upcoming japanese mini-album (planned for an October release). It was the first time the group performed this song (on which the choreo includes body waves that made fans happy), however they performed it twice during their encore, looking pretty reluctant to leave the stage and their french fans.

And as it is often the case in not-too-massive venues, the interactions between LED Apple and LEDAs seemed easy and natural, probably helped by the fact that Hanbyul not only spoke in english but also in french, a language he has learned for 6 years. It was also the perfect occasion for Kyumin to celebrate his birthday, as fans prepared a cake for him.
On saturday, we are sure that both artists and fans created awesome memories. But, after all, aren’t “Hot Summer”s also meant for friends to meet up and create memories together ?

LED APPLE in Paris

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