Lay Zhang unveils unique Chilli Crab song for Singapore at Grandline 2: Infinite Lands concert

Photo Credit: Daphne Ng

2022 Lay Zhang’s “GRANDLINE 2: INFINITE LANDS” finally set sail in Singapore last night, with Captain Lay surprising everyone with his freshly dyed fuchsia hair!

Delivering his power packed dance choreography with his very own style of M-Pop where east meets west, Lay opened the concert with ‘炎黄子孙’ (Descendants Of The Dragon) and ‘苦行僧’ (Ascetic Monk).

Photo Credit: Daphne Ng

Showcasing what he learnt from the local media interview sessions, he addressed the fans as ‘yandao’ (handsome) and ‘chio’ (pretty). It has been a while since Lay last visited Singapore. Feeling like a reunion with his fans whom walked alongside him for 10 years since his debut, he described this concert being his youth. Lay also revealed that he had the opportunity to try some local delicacies while rehearsing for the concert, and asked fans if they knew what he enjoyed the most (which was very obvious as he later dedicated a song just for that dish!)

In order to present a refreshing concert experience in Singapore, Lay came prepared with 9 different stage themes, VCRs exuding cinematic vibes, bringing along Chinese opera teachers. From the stage setup to the content, Lay and his entire production team worked hard to bring the best show for his Singapore fans.

Photo Credit: 张艺兴工作室

With elaborate setups, every stage brought about different elements of surprise – the sensual performances for ‘游乐园’ (Amusement Park) and ‘催眠术’ (Lay U Down) , where he flung his top offstage, and brought traditional Chinese culture to life with the Chinese opera performance. Lay’s brief hulusi (gourd flute) interlude during ‘玉’ (Jade) further complemented the entire set.

Lay showed that he was indeed a man of talents – he went to the extended stage and performed acapella with only the guitar, enjoying some intimate moments with his fans as he belted out ‘唤’ (Call My Name), but not before he created a song about chilli crab on the spot and rallied his fans to sing along with him!

Photo Credit: 张艺兴工作室

Lay then returned to the main stage and sat in front of the piano prepared, continuing the concert with a short rendition of ‘一个人’ (Alone) and ‘蹦’ (BOOM). Dedicating ‘妈'(Mama) to his mother who was in the audience. Lay also taught fans the Changsha dialect following ‘沸’ (Changsha), after having picked up some Singapore colloquial phrases.

Photo Credit: 张艺兴工作室

Regardless of where fans were seated, everyone could pretty much have a good view of Lay during the concert because of the T stage layout, where the extended stage stretched all the way to the back which is really rare (given that we have attended so many concerts!) and for ‘懂’ (Understand), Lay even sat down at the edge to get upclose with his fans.

The audience was treated to a spectacular stage for ‘Veil’, the title track of his latest album “West”, as the dancers lifted a cloth to literally unveil him at one part of the performance. Newcomer LIN also showed off his rap prowess on stage for ‘UZI’, before Lay joined him on stage for the song, bringing the crowd to a high with his much-awaited ‘羊’ (Sheep) performance.

Photo Credit: 张艺兴工作室

Before the concert concluded with encore stages of ‘和你’ (HONEY) and ‘牧童’ (The Shepherd Boy), Lay paused the entire show just to take a group photo with the audience, even instructing the crew to set up a specific backdrop just to get his ideal shots!

KAvenyou would like to thank ACO MEDIA for the media invitation to 2022 Lay Zhang’s “GRANDLINE 2: INFINITE LANDS” in Singapore.

Check out the interview that Lay did with the media when he was in Singapore:

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