Lai Kuan Lin left fans with a ‘Good Feeling’ in Singapore fan meet

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Lai Kuan Lin left fans with a ‘Good Feeling’ in Singapore fan meet

If you are a K-pop fan, the name Lai Kuan Lin would definitely ring a bell. The Taiwanese born rapper first propelled to fame on Produce 101 Season 2, a boy group survival reality show. Kuan Lin placed 7th on the survival show and earned a spot in debuting as a member of Wanna One, which went on to become one of the biggest K-pop groups in this generation. 

Kuan Lin is the 6th former Wanna One member who has embarked on his solo Asia fan meeting tour. The ‘2019 LAI KUANLIN Fan Meeting [Good Feeling] in Singapore’ held at ZEPP@BIGBOX was the 3rd stop in his tour and it was an intimate event with close interactions with fans. 

Kicking off the show with ‘Hypey’ proved to be the right song to hype up the crowd and got everyone excited for more. 

Lai Kuan Lin left fans with a ‘Good Feeling’ in Singapore fan meet

Kuan Lin then sat down with an emcee to chat and play some games. He revealed that he loves Singapore’s chicken rice and has tried making his own version of chicken fried rice at home. He also stated that although he is not a chef, his culinary skills are sufficient to feed himself. Kuan Lin shared: “I have cooked for Woojin before and he said it was not bad.” His statement was met with deafening screams from delighted fans at the mention of former Wanna One member, Park Woojin

During the game segment, Kuan Lin had the chance to let his fans know just how much he appreciates them and how he wishes for only the best for them. “I hope that you will all be healthy because that is the most expensive thing that you cannot buy” and “Seeing so many people here supporting me, I feel that it is worth it” were some of the heart-fluttering things Kuan Lin said to his fans during the 2-hour fan meet. 

Kuan Lin may be young and fairly new in this industry, but he certainly knows how to show his sincerity towards fans. Although he was only supposed to give away seven autographed soft toys to fans as he could only hit seven during the game segment, he made the decision to give away all 15 of the soft toys so that more fans could bring home something to remember from the fan meet. 

Lai Kuan Lin left fans with a ‘Good Feeling’ in Singapore fan meet

He then went on to wow the crowd with ‘I’m a Star’, a Wooseok x KuanLin unit song. Other than performing his own songs, Kuan Lin showed off his versatile styles by performing a cover of ‘Let You Go’ by Machine Gun Kelly. Kuan Lin also took the opportunity to get off the stage and walk around the audience area to serenade fans with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’

The fans prepared a surprise video for Kuan Lin and raised banners with the words “Kuan Lin, we will always be by your side” (translated from Chinese) before the end of the fan meet. Kuan Lin was visibly touched by the thoughtful gesture as he took a few moments to gather his thoughts. He told the fans the words in the video give him strength and that he can focus on things he wants to do because he knows his fans will always be there for him. 

Other than his Asia fan meeting tour, Kuan Lin is also currently busy with his first lead acting role in an upcoming Chinese drama – A Little Thing Called Love. The drama is slated to air in the third quarter of this year so be sure to check it out! 

Article by: Wei Yin @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Zan @ KAvenyou

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