DIY your phone case with K-pop albums

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Have many extra K-pop albums (from fansigns events etc.) and too much spare time? Why not flaunt your creative side with this trend that is currently very popular with the NCT fandom, after NCT 127 demonstrated how to do this on their YouTube channel (after seeing NCTzens do them too!) – decorating phone cases with your fave K-pop album.

Yes that’s right, the trend is literally ripping apart/ cutting out albums to create your own phone case – that’s why we’re advising you to only do so if you have multiple copies of the same album to minimize the heart pain that comes along with it.

Items you’ll need: A transparent phone case, a k-pop album, scissors, glue/tape, (optional) cardboard/hard paper cut in the shape of the phone cover to stick the pictures on (or you can directly stick it on the phone case)

Get creative with your designs – you can cut out your favourite lyrics, your bias’ name, thank you/ credits message, some symbolic motifs, group logo etc. in addition to photos of your idols. If you’re aiming for a scrapbook-like style, tear instead of cutting out the photos you want to include.

Check out some aesthetic examples from the NCTzens:

Get your creative juices flowing while designing – look at how this talented Japanese NCTzen bring her DIY phone case decoration up another notch by making a photocard insert, which resembles a polaroid when the photo is slotted in.


Other fandoms have joined in the fun as well and posted their masterpieces online. Check out the DIY phone case designs of EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee and ATEEZ members done by fans:

Credits: onlybaekkoo


If you like these aesthetics but you don’t want to show openly that you’re a K-pop fan for certain reasons, you can try decorating with subtle references, like these examples:

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