[Wanderlust] How to use a Korean washing machine

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Traveling has been a part of people’s life for a while now, and the duration just gets longer. For families, it tends to be even longer since we do not like to rush things with children. South Korea is an extremely easy country to travel (apart from the “symbolic” words that most could not read).

With the rise of AirBnb and many other competitors, the convenience of doing our laundry in the room became an obvious option. This saves you the hassle of bringing enough clothes for 2-3 weeks of traveling; which leaves you and me more space for a shopping spree. However, the inability to comprehend the functionality of the washing machine in Korean, renders this convenience useless. I personally struggled with it, and an accident in the washing cycle (with drying) can mean many hours just for a small load.

We have compiled some useful words and instructions, and hopefully it would come in handy in your next visit; while operating the korean washing machine.

Different Korean washing machine models may differ in terms used (can’t be too far off though. For models with a front-loading machine, there should be a compartment at the top of the machine each for detergent and softener. Just remember that the flower symbol is for the softener.

korean washing machine

On Korean Washing Machine

전원: Turn on/off
세탁: Wash
헹굼: Rinse
탈수: Spin Dry
최강: Stronger
: Strong
: Normal
: Weak
탈수안함: No spin-dry
탈취: Air Freshener
문잠김: Door lock
절전: Energy Saving Mode (save electricity)
불림: Soak
예비세탁: Pre-wash
헹굼: Rinse
물온도: Water Temperature
표준: Regular Wash
울: Wool
이불: Blankets/Bedding
침구류: Sheets/Linens
외투: Overcoat
니트: knitwear
급속: Quick Wash
조용조용: Silent Mode Wash
에어워시: Air wash
어린이보호: Safety lock
진드기제거: Dust Mite Removal- Allergy Reduction

On Clothes Dryer

건조: Dry
저온: Drying at low-temperature
강력: High Heat
다림질: Damp Dry (for ironing)
표준: Regular dry
예약: Timer
시간설정: Set timer
세탁물추가: Add more clothes

Detergent and Softener (You need to know what to buy right?)

빨래비누 (Ppallaebinu) – Laundry soap (bar)
가루비누 (Galubinu) – Detergent (powder soap)
액체세제 (Aegcheseje) – Detergent (liquid soap)
섬유유연제 (Seom-yuyuyeonje) – Fabric softener

Article by: James @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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