Something Awakens in Unique Korean Horror Flick “SLEEP”

In the latest Korean horror flick “SLEEP”, the central characters, played by Jung Yu-mi and Lee Sun-kyun are a couple who cherish and love each other more than anyone else in the world. Just like the quote hanging in the couple’s living room that reads Together We Can Overcome Anything, their strong trust and affection serve as the starting point of the story. Thus, the synergy between the two actors became the first button that fastened the film’s narrative. The gap between the first and latter parts, the tension between happiness and fear, the transformation amid unrealizable horror that even therapy can’t resolve — these were all brought to life by the exceptional chemistry of Jung Yu-mi and Lee Sun-kyun, who already showcased their couple chemistry in works like “LOST IN THE MOUNTAINS”, “OKI’S MOVIE” and “OUR SUNHI”.

Breaking away from the conventional notion in horror films where supernatural entities like ghosts and spirits are the sources of fear, “SLEEP” takes an unprecedented approach. The setup involves the eerie transformation of a person who sleeps beside you every night, behaving as if they’ve become someone else. This unique premise leads to a first-person horror experience that neither occult nor traditional horror can deliver.

Soo-jin, an expectant mother eagerly awaiting the birth of their child, diligently juggles her job, while her considerate husband Hyun-su, an actor, who is waiting for his breakout role, crafts a bright future within Soo-jin’s faith. Despite being entangled in a nightmare-like situation, they don’t flee from each other; instead, they confront the circumstances head-on. The horror and mystery of “SLEEP” unfold with an unpredictable narrative.

As the couple earnestly follows the treatment strategy of the sleep clinic and Hyun-su’s symptoms worsen over time, the depth of fear intensifies. The mystery deepens, as the elusive nature of the truth leaves room for even greater curiosity.


Hyun-su and Soo-jin are newlyweds. Seemingly out of nowhere, he starts talking in his sleep.

“Someone’s inside.”

From that night on, whenever he falls asleep, he transforms into someone else with no recollection of what happened the night before. Soo-jin is overwhelmed with anxiety that he’d hurt her family while she sleeps and can barely sleep a wink because of this rational fear.

Despite sleep treatment, Hyun-su’s sleepwalking only intensifies, and she begins to feel that her unborn child may be in danger…

Korean movie “SLEEP” screens in Singapore cinemas from 21 September 2023.

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