Delulu is the Solulu in KINO’s Latest Single “Freaky Love”

KINO is back with his new single, “Freaky Love” and shares the story that we all can relate to: Falling in love instantly. “Not all feelings of love are heavy and serious, some are light and intuitive, could be one-sided or a fling, and this is a song about that”, describes the multi-talented artist. “Also, I’ve always wanted to make a simple and chorus repetitive song but couldn’t find the right subject matter until now” he added.

There were two major inspirations behind the songs: Social comments and popular Korean phrase “Even thought of getting married”. It all started with KINO encountering the social media expression, “delulu”, on TikTok comments. Whether in-person or on social media, there are times our heads are filled with “what if’s” and let our fantasies take over our brain; the song captures us at that instant moment. Moreover, the song added an additional layer with the Korean pop culture phrase which got popular by the 2010 K-pop song of the same title.

Moreover, to celebrate the internet-inspired single, KINO has collaborated with the world’s largest GIF platform, GIPHY, to create special stickers for his upcoming single, “Freaky Love”. (In one day, the collection gained over 27M views, now has surpassed 670M views to date). GIPHY is where thousands of artists, brands, and content partners come to make everyday expression a little more moving, and KINO is an exciting addition to the GIPHY library and partner community.

The witty upbeat song is accompanied by a colourful animated music video, created by a Korean artist JAE IN. On top of the precise visualization of the witty lyrics, viewers will have fun spotting pop culture homages in the video.

On top of the music production, KINO is currently touring Asia with his first headlining tour “BORN NAKED” and being recognized in the fashion industry by being invited to New York Fashion Week in February 2024.

“There is more music on its way, it is something I’ve never done before. Plus, I hope to meet more fans in person across various regions throughout the year. So let’s keep our fingers crossed!”

– Kino

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